Cirque du Soleil’s “Quidam” exemplifies Great Performance and Fun for Everyone (3/06)

“Quidam” exemplifies raw talent, happiness, sadness, incredible acts, beautiful music and plenty of characters.  We got to enjoy the evening at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca.  in March 06 before it moves on to other locations after its run here. 


     Some of the more awesome entertainers included the Chinese girls doing high in the air juggling and choreography (This was one of the 2 best acts!); The German Wheel; Aerial Hoops; Hand-balancing (seen above); Trapeze acrobat swings; and my favorite- The rope skipping entertainers were truly remarkable as they performed with each other while walking and interacting during difficult group jump roping.  Something that is hard to describe and has to be seen!

     2 other skits involved BoumBoum (the performer who interacts with the audience and pictured below) as he pulled a nice young lady from there to participate.  The skit involved them driving together in imaginary vehicles as they both had to act out the scene.  The girl has no idea what is going to take place until BoumBoum mimics every move.  This draws a huge applause as it is hilarious and enjoyable.    BoumBoum’s sidekick has his own thing as a director of a skit with more volunteers picked from the crowd.  This (Kramer from Seinfeld look a like character) makes a mockery of his participants as anyone that messes up is immediately fired.  It becomes comical but draws on a bit too long until the scene is correctly acted out by the audience members picked out.

     In the end, this full story is a bit difficult to understand but most people are coming for the great entertainment and performers more than the story line.  The music is tremendous and the show is a winner.  Don’t miss it when it comes to your area!

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