STREET ART FOR PEACE, an exhibition launched by Peace in 10,000 Hands (in collaboration with SpLAsh.PR Agency) at the Lab Art Galley, 217 S. LaBrea Avenue, will be open to the public during 15 days.  Details are at:

Stuart Robertson, the photographic artist and founder of Art for Peace photographed a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.   

Such illustrious street artist as Kal, Mar, Annie Preece, Louis XXX, Matty Fontana, Moncho 1929 have put their own touch on the photographs to create a truly unique collection, expressing peace through Street ARt.  Leica Camera is the official sponsor of Stuart Robertson’s photographic journey for peace.

Mr. Robertson established the exhibit as a global art project to invigorate the conversation of peace, incorporating charity with 100% gifting along the way.

The exhibit is open to the public through July 4.





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