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National Geographic’s Beyond King Tut immersive exhibition in LA- 11/22

National Geographic Beyond King Tut Los Angeles
Written by Jeff Zimerman
National Geographic’s Beyond King Tut in Los Angeles is a groundbreaking immersive exhibition and coincides with the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of his tomb in Egypt. The exhibition tells the story of King Tut 3,300 years ago, his tomb, and its discovery in the most immersive way possible. They also give you the experience of what it looked and felt like walking into the rooms where King Tut was housed. National Geographic’s Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience is a cinematic immersive exhibition that takes guests on a journey to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. We found the audio visual experiences cleverly designed which details the mythology behind King Tut.
Please note, “Beyond King Tut” is not an artifact exhibition with no relics from this tomb, allowing the treasures from Tut’s tomb to remain in their country of origin Egypt. Beyond King Tut goes a traditional artifact display and uses the power of photography and multimedia to create a time traveling adventure of discovery including the carved tomb and a giant version of his iconic mask. They also attempt to give you the experience of what it looked and felt like walking in the rooms where Tutankhamun was housed.
The exhibition begins with a journey that takes visitors through visual galleries to learn about the king’s life, descent into his tomb, and even enter a recreation of his burial chamber. The final room greets visitors with larger of life soaring projections of King Tut’s treasures.
I recommend stopping to read and observe everything the exhibit has to offer. Starting from the beginning, a video with a brief history of King Tut is played followed by a magical door opening up leading into the exhibit.  What made the experience unique was the final room with large-scale projections playing a 23-minute video with graphics stretching wall to wall.
Current information about the exhibition can be found at https://beyondkingtut.com/city/los-angeles/.