Dining in other areas Outside of Los Angeles

Dining in Panama- Aria, Kava, Noa & Brusca- December 2022

Aria –


Had lunch at the Kosher restaurant area and what day fantastic dining experience. The place is immaculate.   The manager Jairo took great care of us and the service was impeccable as they do it right there. If there’s anything on the table or your water is not filled it, the staff takes care of it right away. We started with the appetizers- yellowfin tuna tacos, which are very delicate and tasty, as well as the raw tuna crispy rice.

The main course was divine as we had the Seabass with cremini mushrooms and risotto, seared Ahi tuna, Asian lo mein with chicken breast, and the grilled eggplant. Overall it was top-notch and we ended with the churros for dessert.



This was the group’s first restaurant of the four and is also kosher and I had a great lunch there. They specialize in sushi and seafood. It’s a nice relaxing setting with inside and outside patio seating.

The staff was fabulous with captain Daniel pictured above along with staff, Elvis and manager Alex, as well as my server Robert, who served the BamBam rice dish table side. Start with the one of their salads ( I had the geisha salad, which is a Caesar salad with cooked salmon on the side) & a cup of delicious lentil soup.  The sweet and spicy edamame was a nice way to start.

Don’t miss the sushi as I had the yellow fin tuna and avocado roll.

The atmosphere was relaxed and they had the World Cup soccer matches on TV while I was eating. https://kavapanama.com/

Noa (not kosher) in Punta Pacifica is the newest and most popular.

On the weekend, it gets out of control and turns into a nightclub. During the week it is mostly a nice dinner experience with high-end sushi, seafood, meats and other specialties. Try one of their signature cocktails to enhance your meal and you will not be disappointed.

The atmosphere and decor is spectacular & our server Christian, from Columbia, was very friendly and knowledgeable. The manager Jorge was welcoming and checked on us and all around the restaurant . The raw salmon with cream cheese sushi roll and the lightly fried brussels sprouts with a sweet sauce were great starters as was the white fish over a fried dough.

We had fillet of salmon over a edamame style sauce with mushrooms but the best dish of the evening was the hamachi sashimi which melted in our mouth. Don’t miss the chocolate lava cake for dessert and you’ll be fully satisfied.

Don’t miss the chocolate lava cake for dessert and you’ll be fully satisfied.



It is adjacent to Kava is Italian food. Start with their burrata cheese with plantain chips and don’t miss one of their pizza or calzones as they are delicious & the dough is made over a couple days.  For the menu, you scan a QR code.  If you want to try some ceviche, sushi, you also have the option since it’s connected with Kava.  They have an assortment of pastas and we tried the Thai salmon pasta with fettuccine and it was very tasty.


The same staff works at both of the restaurants so you’re in great hands, I highly recommend these places and if you’re into hookah, you can rent one of their equipment to smoke it outside. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063588131551