Maurya Fine Dining Indian Cuisine in Beverly Hills (4/05)

This is not your typical Indian restaurant, is the
first thing that goes through your mind when walking
through the doors at Maurya in Beverly Hills.  Maurya
is sleek, spacious and hip, yet still maintains a
feeling of comfort and warmth. 

You are immediately put at ease when walking through
the doors as you are greeted with a smile and a
friendly attitude. The servers are all elegantly
dressed which fits perfectly with the decor of warm
brown tones and private rooms with large screen plasma
TV’s.  A great place for private, intimate parties.

The main dining area of the restaurant is full of
space.  Tables are nicely spread out so there is a
feeling of intimacy even if the restaurant is at

This is also not your typical Indian food.  There are
starters such as Papri Chaat which are little bite
size treats filled with a combination of flavors such
as crushed lentil, boiled potato, roasted cumin seeds,
chilly powder, cilantro, and mango chutney.  Your
taste buds will not only pleased, but thrilled that
they are experiencing something they have never had

Other stand out appetizers are the Spinich and Corn
Samosa and the Papri Chaat .  The Samosa is a
triangular pastry shell stuffed with chopped spinach
and corn, ginger, coriander seeds, red chilly and
flavored with cilantro.  The Harra Kabab are small
fried patties stuffed with spinach, cottage cheese,
spices and cilantro.

The main courses are full of stand out dishes such as
the Methi-Garlic Fish.  This is a mouth watering fish
curry with fresh fenugreek, onion, garlic, tomatoes
and sea-bass.  This is a delicacy worth every bite. 

The ginger lamb chops are marinated in ginger juice,
black peppers, a special blend of spices with yoghurt
and cooked in a clay oven.  They are cooked to
perfection and are very tender and moist.

The Tandoori Chicken is a must and is perfectly
complimented by other accompanying dishes such as
Bhindi Do Pyaza which is marinated okra cooked with
tomatoes, pearl onions and chopped cilantro.  This
dish was another star of the meal. 

The eggplant Bhartha and Tempered Yellow Yentils are
delicious spicy dishes to mix with the Pearl Basmati
rice flavored with cumin seeds.  They are great
accompaniments to the main courses of meats and fish.

Authentic Indian desserts include the Kulfi and
Phirni.  Kulfi is Indian ice cream which is a blend of
fig, almond, saffron and pistachio.  Phirni is a
traditional milk and rice pudding flavored with
cardamom, saffron and topped with pistachio and almond
slices.  Both are acquired tastes, but fun to try
because of their unique flavors.

Maurya is a unique dining experience you wont soon
forget.  The service is excellent and the food is like
no Indian food in the city served in a place that
looks like no other
Indian restaurant in the city.  Its a great place for
intimate parties or large gatherings all set in a
comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Maurya is located at 151 S. Doheny Dr. in Beverly Hills.   310-786-7858  for reservations. Open for lunch and dinner.  More info at