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The Famous San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park and Sea World for Vacation (9/04)


  Need some adventure on your next trip to San Diego?  There are a few great choices to spend a great part of your day with friends or family. About 30 plus minutes north of San Diego is the Wild Animal Park, where you will see all types of exotic animals and familiar ones as well.  The best way to get acquainted with the park after you arrive is to grab a map and take the approximately one hour Train ride around the park.  Certain animals such as Lions, Tigers, and Elephants can be seen at closer ranges from the railway.  The train runs continuously throughout the day and is included in your ticket price.  You can get on and off wherever you want and get a great workout walking around.  Places to see include the Heart of Africa, which includes Giraffes, Cheetahs, some birds and wild creatures.  Dino Mountain and 3D ride are the newest attractions there located adjacent to Condor Ridget.  There are some 20 constructed robot Dinosaurs to give you a feel of how they looked way back when. Two other not to miss places there are the Lorikeet (beautifully colored birds) feeding and photo area and the Gorilla hang out as they are always entertaining to watch. The Bird Show and Elephant Show are ongoing and fun to see.  Visit the Kupanda Falls and Botanical Garden and walk a bit over 1 mile through the vast beauty.  Plenty of places to eat and shop at during your time.  More info at   www.wildanimalpark.org


     Another great place to see many animals but in a different setting is the world famous San Diego Zoo. A guided bus tour is included in the price of your ticket.  There are express buses to get from one area to another that you can catch as much as you want.  The Skyfari Aerial Tram is a separate ticket but a great way to see the enormous Zoo from high above.  The 2 great shows here to catch are the Wild Ones Show featuring exotic birds from around the world and the Wegeforth National Sea Lion Show which is very entertaining and funny. Other fun attractions are the Children’s Zoo which includes shows/petting of some animals; Panda Canyon; Sydneys Hangout; The Safari Bush Band with interactive music & activities for Kids.  From there, just walk around with your map to see all the great vast animals there including the Absolutely Apes attraction at the Hunte Amphitheater. Primates such as Chimps, Gorillas, Monkeys, and more.  Many other species such as Hippos, Bears, Rhinos, Polar Bears, and more await you. A “monkey show” is offered in the evening time. Heads up, this pleasant presentation oriented towards children features humans only.  There are nighttime zoo events from late June till early September.  After your full day adventure to see all the great Animals they have, you will agree that the San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the World.   More info at   www.sandiegozoo.org 


Lastly and a must visit is popular Sea World Adventure Park and home of Shamu (The Famous Killer Whale-  www.shamu.com).  From Shows, Rides, Food, Animal Interaction and more, you will have your hands full of fun.  Rides include The Journey to Atlantis –picture here;  Shipwreck Rapids and you will be sure to get wet;  Wild Arctic; Southwest Airlines Sky tower; and Bayside Skyride.  Some of the great shows not to miss are The Shamu Adventure of course; Cirque de la Mer at the Amphitheater which features high wire circus acts and acrobatics out in the open on the water; The Sea lion and Otter Show which is truly incredible and hilarious watching and listening to these fascinating animals; and the Dolphin Discovery for high flying thrills and wild jumps by these adorable creatures.  There are also some other night shows that spectacular and brilliant with a display of fireworks.  Other adventures and interactions are The Sea Aquarium; The Shark and Penguin Encounters while you see them up close through a submerged acrylic viewing tube; Dolphin interaction –pictured here; Seal and Sea Lion feeding and A Tide Pool where you can touch and see star fish and other animals in shallow pools.  Plenty of shops and dining experiences round out the park.  More info at www.seaworld.com

The experience starts even before you enter the park. The organization at the parking lot is flawless. Once inside, you know you are in a theme park, yet your state of mind is different, you feel more peace and respect for you know you will experience live animals in their habitat. And indeed, witnessing these creatures, small or grand, brings out the purest emotions from within.

Catching the shows featuring sea lions, dolphins or their famous Shamu orca, are musts. They are majestic, athletic and funny! A thrill for all.

The Sea World rides well worth the visit and wait which usually isn’t too long.

Whether you visit with your family or friends or accompanied by your children, Sea World will leave you a mark you are not soon to forget.

You probably need a full day for each place and there are multi-ticket discounts available.  Have a blast on your next trip out to these great Parks and Zoo.