Sake Festival in Los Angeles Review (3/22/07)

Sake Festival in Los Angeles Review (3/22/07)

An incredible display of sake and sushi was presented on March 22, 07 at Le
Meridien in Beverly Hills. The Food was great but the Sake was second to none.
Unfortuneatly I cannot describe in detail all the differences of the many different
sake there. However if you visit the following website, it will explain in detail
all about Sake and the multi varieties and specifics. For more information, please
Recently with the spread of Japanese food, Japanese Sake has gained some recognition
in America as well. There are multiple ways of drinking sake – cold, room
temperature, or hot. Premium-grade Sake, such as Junmai, Ginjyo, and Daiginjyo, have
all gained much appreciation. However, even with all their attractiveness, as
premium-grade sake is only distributed in a limited number of Japanese restaurants
and has not been as popular as wine in American restaurants or households.

At this time, using "Introducing Sake to the mainstream American market" as a key
phrase, we are estimating that over 350 brands of Sake will be featured at this

This event was an opportunity to introduce the attractiveness of Sake and expand its
market appeal, as well as a chance to promote better understanding between the U.S.
and Japan within a very pleasant ambience.

Supported By: JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles
Japanese Sake Brewers Association

Participating Restaurants included:

Asakuma Restaurant Sushi Delivery
KATANA Robata and Sushi Bar
Le Meridien
Sushi Roku

More infomation: Sake Festival in Los Angeles Executive Committee
(310)592-2686 or