Traveling to Houston- Attractions, Dining, Biking- June 2016

Houston has some great attractions and many you can visit in a day or two.  I suggest getting the “city pass” where you will save money if you plan to visit more than two.  I went to the Zoo, which was excellent, the Aquarium- another nice attraction and the Natural Science Center-full of hands on stuff to do and learn about.

Lastly, I recommend the Health and Medical museum even though it is not in the city pass as it was very interesting to find out unique information while learning many new things.  Lots of hands on stuff there too.

One definite must stop for lunch is Irmas Mexican restaurant offering home cooked tacos and more.  This family run place has been a staple for over 20 yrs.  I tried the shrimp and fish tacos with a side of guacamole. Just Delicious.

A great way to get around downtown is by bike especially if you want to get some exercise.  Check out bike barn to rent your bike and their sister company bayou bike tours.  Most rentals and tours are Friday-Sunday but you can arrange midweek in advance.   The manager Adam was super and very helpful from bike barn.

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