Pono Burger in Venice delivers a variety of delicious food with Hawaiian charm- December 2016

Review of Pono Burger restaurant by Russel Cooper/Edited by Todd Elliot

The restaurant has a very open space-themed design with lots of word-work, resulting in a very comfortable and casual dining vibe.  In addition to their quaint-semi private/street side patio dining area for day or night, the restaurant inside hosts a Full bar to the left where experienced and friendly bartenders are serving up a variety of unique and exotic cocktails.  As for the food, Pono (In Hawaiian, “pono” means “to do things the right way) Burger could be described as American Cuisine with a Hawaiian accent.


Founder and Executive Head Chef Makani from the big island of Hawaii brings with her ancient traditional recipes to mix and perfectly complement LA’s appetite for fine food.  To start off, friendly servers offer a variety of unique delicious appetizers/starters (see pictures above? of their chopped seasoned ahi-tuna with delicately crispy-wontons with a side organic salad, and also “purple potato chips” to dip in pleasantly seasoned guacamole).

Aside from offering their amazing, must try Signature Hawaiian-fusion themed burgers (organic, pasture-raised meat or vegetarian style) abundantly stacked with a variety of exotic and very delicious Hawaiian accented condiment toppings, PONO also offers amazing organic salads, chicken dishes- do not miss the fried chicken, sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and much more.  Furthermore, PONO will soon be expanding their menu and altering their name so guests realize it is not just a burger place to also include fish entrees and many other great dishes.  If you SAVED ROOM for dessert, and hopefully you did, they also serve the most delicious, far-off exotic desserts.   They have 3 locations and we visited the Venice location at 512 Rose St.