The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach delivers delicious, healthy food and drinks- September 2017

At The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach, the menu comes with a legend. V is for vegan, VG for vegetarian, GF for gluten free and P for paleo. If you’re looking for protein that won’t upset your stomach, just look for a (gf/p) and voila! You’ll land on Smoked Salmon on flax bread!  

And you will be happy.  The smoked salmon was deep orange with a slightly matte finish, not the pale and slippery lox you’d find at a deli.  The Smoked Salmon comes perched atop very lightly dressed arugula on flax bread toast. “Toasts” are tiny open faced sandwiches, in this case four, each about two by four inches.  The flax bread is soft, nutty and dense with out being dry.  With no capers, I found my self reaching for salt, but the over all combination of textures and flavors was simple and pleasant. A perfect little lunch alone for a light eater, but best ordered as an accompaniment.

We also tried the turkey, avocado, tomato sandwich on a gluten free wrap.  Also the black bean vegan wrap.  Tasty and healthy.

The best part of a meal at The Source is the sense that you are at an establishment part restaurant and part apothecary.  The staff know the nutritional properties of nearly every ingredient in the yummy food they prepare including smoothies and bowls from Acai to Coconut with blue majik and also the Charcoal, turmeric, lucuma, collagen powder, dandelion- all these ingredients are double cast as flavor and medicine. Ask how maca and cayenne pepper can make you happier.  Go ahead and ask, they know.

Written by Shelly Blaisdell and Edited by Todd Elliot