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Trio Restaurant and Escape Room Palm Springs on your next visit to the desert- April 2021

Trio Restaurant in downtown Palm Springs is a must visit. The friendly staff, great location, outside seating and delicious food make this a top choice. They have happy hour and we highly recommend a dining experience. We came in 2019 and the pandemic shut them down for a while but they are back in full force serving up great food and drinks. Start with one of their appetizers or salads to start. We had the beet salad and pizza on the cauliflower crust.


For entrees, my daughters went for the burger and skirt steak dinners with reg & sweet potato fries while I tried the salmon with mashed sour cream potatoes. Sides of mac & cheese and creamed spinach completed the wonderful dinner.

End with the Trio brownie and you will be totally satisfied. More at https://triopalmsprings.com/


The Escape Room Palm Springs was a few minutes away from downtown Palm Springs and what a fun way to spend an hour. You head inside to get your orientation from the staff. The owner Dominique is super friendly and helpful. Make your reservation before coming as they have a choice of different games some more family friendly than others and some harder than others. There are many clues once you get into the room and your one hour time starts to figure it out. However, anytime you need help, the staff is watching and can help you. We enjoyed it so much, we came back to try a different room a couple days later. More at https://escapeps.com/ For a 10% discount, mention promo code ABNB10 when making your reservation.\

Photos by Sammy Elliot