Kate’s Real Food new Dark Chocolate Mint Energy Bar- January 2021

Written by Jeff Zimerman

Kate’s Real Food just a brand new flavor – Dark Chocolate Mint.   It is delicious, healthy and full of great ingredients.  My other favorite bar is the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Almond.  All products can be seen on their website from the link above.

Like all Kate’s Real Food products, the Mint Bar is loaded with tasty USDA-certified organic ingredients, including cool peppermint extract, smooth dark chocolate, natural cacao powder, creamy peanut butter, and certified gluten-free oats. It also includes organic, dried bits of cacao beans, adding texture to the bar with chocolate in a pure, unaltered form. Cacao not only packs a chocolatey punch, but it’s also an excellent source of fiber, iron, antioxidants, and magnesium. A small dose of peppermint adds a light burst of flavor to the bar that can also aid in digestion and provide headache relief.