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The Brooklyn Nets defeat the LA Clippers at arena- November 2022

The Brooklyn Nets came to the arena for a day game versus the LA Clippers. The Clippers have been playing better off as of late while the Nets have been struggling. Kyrie Irving also has been suspended for some racial allegations so he did not play. However, Kevin Durant lead the visitors and they beat the Clippers 110-95 who were lackluster and did not take care of the ball too well with too many turnovers.

Paul George had a poor shooting game and the team looked out of it. They are awaiting the return of Kawhi Leonard from his knee sorness and he should be back in the near future. That will give them a big lift and should take them to another level . The Nets just fired coach Steve Nash and replaced him with Jacques Vaughn as a team has been underachieving. Seth Curry helped fill the void of Irving and scored 22 points but their team still looks a bit out of it. They need Ben Simmons to improve and play like he did a few years ago if they have any chance of advancing in the playoffs. He only took one shot and played just 15 minutes.

Marcus Morris Sr. had a good game scoring 20 points but overall, the home team did not play well. LA has a bunch of very good players but they cannot put together the consistency and are lacking team chemistry as they are one of the deepest teams in the league but their bench actually was outscored in this game. They are set to go on the road, which may help them and coach. Tyronn Lue is trying to figure things out.  More at