The Hotel Who- A Love Story at the Biltmore Hotel downtown LA ends July 15th, 2023

In this original tale, A Midsummer night’s dream meets West Side
Story, as lucky patrons experience romance, deception and a dash of
Dirty Dancing. Welcome to The Hotel Who: A Love Story, LA’s only
overnight immersive experience.
Step into the year 1955, as two rival families, the Roses and
Sunflowers, come together to celebrate the engagement of Judy Rose
and John Sunflower. Nothing is as it seems at the engagement party of
the century, where deities run amongst the guests and potions flow
freely. Will true love prevail or will magic make fools of us mere
There’s only one way to find out, RSVP “yes” to
The Hotel Who: A Love Story.

Nothing could prepare the rival Rose and Sunflower families for the surprise announcement that their respective
children, Judy Rose and John Sunflower have been secretly dating and are now engaged.
Nothing could prepare the rival Rose
and Sunflower families for the
surprise announcement that their
respective children,
Judy Rose and John Sunflower have
been secretly dating and are now
See the Roses and Sunflowers have
always got along like salt and soil,
but a recent legal battle over a
glamorous eleventh floor penthouse
spells WAR between the families.
Ah! But a silver lining presents
itself in the future nuptials of the
star-crossed lovers, and the
ever-clever leticia Sunflower,
matriarch of the Sunflowers, won‘t be
letting this opportunity skip town.
Sources say Leticia is angling to
bury the proverbial hatchet, unite
the two houses and spawn the most
powerful family in Los Angeles.
To mark the magnanimous occasion,
Leticia is throwing the mother of
all engagement parties for her
favorite son at the contested
penthouse as a gesture of peace
between the two families.
Nothing is as it seems as faeries
and lesser gods run wild, hidden in
plain sight among the party goers.
With the snap of their fiendish
fingers, these deities could secure
harmony between the Sunflowers and
Roses or rain ruin on the nearly
Will true love prevail
or will magic take charge?
Photos by Mazhar Badani

🎟 GA: General Admission is for those who want to just
dance the night away at a 50s themed party. Maybe you
came to the show and want to come back just for the
party or maybe doing the twist to live music every
weekend is your favorite thing to do. Whatever your
reason may be, book this ticket to get dressed up in
your best vintage wear and dance the night away to live
1950s music while you sip on themed cocktails.
🎟 🎟 Premier Admission: Book this ticket for an evening
length’s journey through an immersive mystery show
inspired by a Midsummer Night’s Dream & West Side Story.
You’ll start at a reception complete with substantial
hors d’oeuvres and drinks, get to know the quirky
characters of the Hotel Who as you journey through rooms
and end the night at a 1950s party where you dance the
night away to a live band and collect clues to solve the
mystery before the night ends!
🎟 🎟 🎟 VIP Admission: For the ultimate experience,
this ticket includes everything that comes with the
Premier Admission plus a hotel suite, second mystery to
solve and brunch the next morning. Treat yourself to the
ultimate overnight experience and check-in to the Hotel
Who as a VIP.

Angela Fegers: Executive Director, Producer & Creator
Monica Sharon: Executive Director, Producer & Creator
Angela Fegers (Executive Director, Producer & Creator)
Monica Sharon (Executive Director, Producer & Creator)
Executive producer of The Chromatic
Dinner tour, an award winning culinary
experience, and creative consultant to
Tyra Banks, Monica is a director and
producer who has created and produced
international immersive experiences
within the dance theater and culinary
Monica’s hidden talent:
Finding the right ingredients of fashion,
theater and dining to create a delicious
Founder of Apricot Productions in Berlin, an
international, multi-disciplinary production
house for independent Artists and Companies.
Angela is a choreographer and producer who has
created international immersive experiences and
productions for artists within Europe and the
Angela’s hidden talent: Humor that transcends
cultural differences.

In October 2022, we collaborated with Hotel Normandie in
Los Angeles to debut the first edition of the Hotel Who?:
an overnight, immersive murder mystery experience based on
true events from the hotel’s past. From the moment guests
checked in, they found themselves in the year 1929,
escorted to their rooms by characters of the Hotel Who? In
their hotel rooms, they prepared for the evening ahead
getting dressed in their best 1920’s getup.
Directors, creators, and producers, Angela
Fegers and Monica Sharon, have created
something memorable and special here, and
while it is running during an already
jam-packed Halloween season, it rises to the
top as one of the best experiments we’ve done
this Halloween season—right up there with
JFI’s The Willows. If you’re a fan of strong
immersive interactivity, there’s nothing else
like this out there. We highly recommend
checking in—just make sure you solve the
murder so you have the ability to check out.’
No Proscenium
Divergent Dream:
Interview Taylor Winters
( Review
Thrillist Feature
Guests embarked on a treasure hunt
throughout the hotel, collecting
evidence and building their
Cocktail hour, dinner, and gasp!
A Murder!
Who’s sleuthing solved the murder
mystery at the Hotel Who?