Los Angeles Dining

“Michelia” Fine Dining Great Specialty Spot in L.A. – August 13th, 2002


One of the hidden "Jewels" in Los Angeles, "Michelia", is a rare combination of class, unpretentiousness, down to earth, and culinary excellence.

The chef and owner of this Euro Asian Bistro, Kimmy Tang, creates "one of a kind" dishes by bringing unique sauces and spices from the "east" and perfectly harmonizing and blending them here in the "west."

Initially specializing in steaks and meat dishes, the menu is now becoming more specialized in seafood. The Grand Marnier Scallops are lightly deep fried and succulently meaty. You might not want to eat a scallop anywhere else after you try these. The wok fried Prawns with cilantro garlic and sherry vinegar sauce is a truely memorable taste experience. An absolute must for anyone who likes the taste of cilantro. The Steamed Seabass in Banana Leaf Wrap served with lemon grass and garlic is incredibly moist and delicious. The pi`ece de resistance, however, are the Alaskan King Crab Legs. The peppery, scallion type sauce which they are served in will literally have you licking your fingers and wondering when you can come back for more on another night. Fresh lobster is also offered in the same incredible sauce.

 Another specialty of Michelia is the wide variety of imported exotic teas and fresh herbal fruit tea pots. Served in a clear glass tea pot over a candle flame, your soothing tea will steep at your own pace. There are over a dozen teas to choose from and suit your every mood. Relax and calm your mood with herbal teas such as Jasmine and Ooling or enjoy something a little more tart and fruity like Paris Sunset or Moonlight Delight. You can also pour it over ice and enjoy it as a refreshing iced tea.

Michelia does not have their liquor license yet (coming soon) so bring in and enjoy your favorite bottle of wine at no cost at this time! Enjoy some crab cakes, pan fried shrimp, chicken and minced bok choy pot stickers, or some rose-wine soft shelled crab(seasonal). Choose from a selection of seafood pastas or salads or try something from "the land" like the lemon grass game hen, pepper filet mignon with the house pepper steak sauce, or their uniquely prepared duck breast. Top it all off with some apple tart and vanilla ice-cream for a tasty dessert that is a must with one of the teas.

The atmosphere at Michelia is relaxed and soothing. You can actually hear what the person sitting across from you is saying! This is a nice change of pace from other fine restaurants in the L.A. area in which you can barely hear yourself think over the din of chatter. Beautifully decorated, there still is a "homey" feel to the surroundings. Owner and chef, Kimmy Tang, will frequently come out and check on her guests and the servers are extremely polite and diligent in their work. There is a nice family atmosphere here and you will feel well taken care of.

Michelia is open for lunch from 11:30a.m — 5:00p.m. Dinner is served from 5:30p.m — 10:00p.m Sun. thru Thurs. and until 11:00p.m on Fri. and Sat. Located on 8738 W. Third St. in Los Angeles, come in and enjoy the fresh food and unique sauces of Michelia. (310-276-8288)