Burke Williams Day Spa in Pasadena and many other locations (10/10)

We had the pleasure of receiving a pampered day at the Burke Williams Spa in Pasadena.  The staff was very warm and inviting when entering the spa.  
There were two of us who received treatments: the deep tissue massage and full relaxation swedish style massage.  
The deep tissue massage was a pure delight and at times rough.  The many knots needed attending to.  My therapist Carmen was magical.  As she coached me on breathing and thanked me when she could release the tension in certain areas.  My whole body was adjusted from my shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs and her specialty as she called it: the buttox.  This was much needed and to top it off I received the hot stones which made everything fall in place at the end as a warm towel was placed over my body and I sunk into a cloud of pleasure.  This was the best massage I have ever received.  Even the next day, I did not feel sore (as in the past I have with a strong massage)  Carmen also recommended to go the steam room for 5 minutes after and the jacuzzi for 10 minutes after.  The heat would help intact the muscles.  
The swedish massage entailed long relaxing strokes in a dimmed room.  This made it perfect for relaxing. The music played as lotion was spread over each part of the body.  It was given to the exact notion of desire: as the therapist asked from the beginning what level would be best: light, medium or strong.  Even though this was lighter than the deep tissue massage, it still released knots and stress build up.  Tightness in the body is released and one will feel completely relaxed after this pure relaxation massage. 
Before the massages began, we had the pleasure of amenities offered at the spa: from the jacuzzi, steam room, misting room, dry sauna and a relaxation room.  A cozy towel and slippers were provided.  There is also a quite room to read and relax while waiting for your therapist.  Water, lemonade and tea were offered as well as bananas and apples.  There was also someone walking around with fruit cups which was the perfect end to a day that felt like a week’s vacation.  There are other offerings such as nail care, body wraps, spa baths, signature treatments and a number of massages.  One can also choose to add on the hot stones and different scented lotions for a fresh aromatherapy smell.  I did not want to leave this heavenly place: Burke Williams and look forward to returning and making this a must  in my weekly calendar.  If you want to be completely refreshed and pampered a day at Burke Williams Spa is the place to go.

Many locations to choose from  for the Burke Williams’ spas.
Burke Williams Pasadena

39 Mills Place
Pasadena, Ca  91105

866 229 6635