LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 18-22nd, 2012 including opening night gala (Preview and Tickets) plus post coverage

Los Angeles Art Show: Historic & Traditional Lectures & Book Signings

1pm American Art Collector| State of the Art: Los Angeles

3pm PRINTS FROM LACMA’s Treasure Chests
A panel discussion with LACMA’s Head of Photography Curator, Britt Salvesen and Timothy Benson, Curator of LACMA’s Robert Gore Rifkind Center for German Expressionist Studies.

LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary Lectures & Book Signings

2pm DWELL| Homes for Artists and Art Collectors
Panelists include Jamie Gilliin, Deputy Editor at Dwell; Linda Taalman, Architect Taalman Koch Architecture; Tom Marble, Architect, Marbletecture; and Jeff Wardell, Art Collector and Director of Chester’s Blacksmith Shop.

participating panelists include: Betty Ann Brown, Jane Chafin, Tucker Neel, Anuradha Vikram and Austin Young. Moderated by TUlsa Kinney, editor of Artillery: Killer Text on Art.

Art Installations:
Mark Mother
sbaugh’s ‘Scion Car Sulpture’ will feature a car and trailer installation. The sculpture, which collective measures more than 25′ in length will have one Scion car linked to a ‘trailer’ that is two Scions halves fused together. Visitors can go inside the interactive sculpture and listen to music. The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary will offer a ‘first look’ at the sculpture installation before it is showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles.

The selection of Mothersbaugh’s limited edition prints will be on view and available for purchase at the show. The prints, from Mothersbaugh’s ‘Beautiful Mutants’ series, were produced over a twelve-year period and are selected from Mothersbaugh’s personal favorites of more than 3000 different tests. ‘Beautiful Mutants’, which features altered photographs are produced in archival inks and paper, and have been described by art critics as, “an insightful and abrupt detour along the DNA superhighway”. Mothersbaugh states that the images are, “pulled from man’s past…then ‘corrected’ into sickeningly beautiful beings. It is a study of humans via symmetry using photos both recent & vintage.”

Speedy Graphito has been hailed as one of the pioneers of the French Street Art movement. Using pictorial language and pop iconography, Graphito’s work is inspired greatly by the advertising logos that are a part of today’s consumer culture. With anti-capitalist and rebellious undertones, Graphito’s works are heavily influenced by 1950s Americana, cartoons and Japanese manga.

Gallery Hightlights (information provided directly by the gallery, in their words)

Abby Taylor Fine Art
Booth: D200 (MAC) /
B11 (HAT)
Jim Dine The La
dy Rises sculpture. modern take on the Venus de Milo
Manship: Rare, early in his career. We are offering this work at $465,000 and it is thus one of our high-end pieces.
Richard Pous
ette-Dart from the 1960’s – artist recently written about in Art And Auction as the artist to watch and on the cover of the last two Christies Contemporary day sale catalogues.
Richard Pousette-Dart was a pioneering Abstract Expressionist before leaving New York City in 1951 to preserve his artistic independence. Powerful dualities–circle and square, spirit and body, light and substance–are the central subject of his radiant abstract paintings.

Amstel Gallery
A103 (MAC)
de la Haba from NY. . His work has been reviewed by the art newspaper, whitehotmafazine and modern painters. One of his big fans is Tod Levin, curator for the Rubell collection. Bryan thatcher, editor of white-hot magazine will fly in. Gregory did commissioned pieces for the Roger room in LA, the Mondrian hotel in NYC. Jacqueline Mito, a NY based art critic wrote a review about this installation.

Photo installation of Agniet Snoep, a Dutch artist who is related to the 17th century painter Ambrosius Bosschaert. She took elements out of his paintings and photographed them in a very contemporary way.

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary
E249 (MAC)
David Al
lan Peters’ paintings and sculptures made of dozens of layers of acrylic paint that are carved to create tactile, striated topographies (the paintings) and crystal-like clusters of striated paint cubes (sculptures). These always draw people like magnets. Usually on the smaller scale, due to the intense amount of work, we will have a large painting that is 5 x 4 feet, which is a must see!

Esther Traugot crochets around sticks, branches, roots, seeds and tree trunks to create amazing hybrids between incredibly fine and nature. She hand-dyes her thread a pollen-like gold color so all the fragments of nature are wrapped protectively in golden thread, referencing gilding in which common materials are made precious with a gold coating.

Cathy Cunningham-Little makes gorgeous light boxes of neon diffused with acrylic. Inspired by the Light and Space artists, her clean, reductive work has perceptual complexity and resonance like that of works by Mary Corse, Robert Irwin, Helen Pashgian, James Turrell, Peter Alexander and others now showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s Phenomenal show. Cunningham-Little’s work is mesmerizing and subtle. It is a quiet beauty with staying power, but is something that truly must be seen in person.

Christian Holman Fine Art
B135 (MAC)
Owned several German Galleries
Artists on hand at Opening: Neil Nagy, Christopher Schulz, jd hansen and Zivana Gojanovic.

Showing works by Heiner Meyer and Zivana Gojanovic, both of which have upcoming Museum shows, a couple of sculptures by Siegfried Neuenhausen, who turned 80 last year and was honored with two Museum shows simultaneously in Germany.
We are also bringing the model for the 10′ tall sculpture “The Birdman” by jd hansen.

David Richard Contemporary
Booth: B150 /
A111 (MAC)
Tom Holland in space A111 across from our Booth B150.
Contemporary and historic work from the 1960s, 70s and 80s from a selection of LA-based and New York-based artists, many of whom we brought last year.

Judy Chicago, Billy Al Bengston, Edward Dugmore, Roland Reiss, Matsumi Kanemitsu, Doug Edge, Merion Estes, Wall Batterton, Marvin Harden, Karen Carson, Jack Zajac, Julian Stanczak, Beverly Fishman, Beatrice Mandelman, Peter Demos

Dubner Moderne
E234 (MAC)
Works of Thomas Dudan, Li Jin, Luc Joly, Choong-Sup Lim, Edward Mapplethorpe, Jill Moser, I
gor Ustinov as well as limited edition prints by Glenn Ligon and Sean Scully.

The press would certainly be interested in the limited edition prints by Glenn Ligon b/c the Glenn Ligon: America show at the LACMA is finishing tomorrow and these works are very relevant to the exhibition.

Edward Mapplethorpe’s latest series of abstract photography

New works by Li Jin the master Chinese ink painter who had been part of the noted exhibition ” Fresh Ink” at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Several works by Jill Moser a New York based abstract artist who frequently collaborates with museums such as MoMA and the MET in New York.

Bronze sculpture by Igor Ustinov. To quote Mr. Ustinov, “Sculpture, its a great coincidence between soul and thought, matter and reality, it’s a repeated discovery of the incredible connivance between shape and truth, between emotion and subjectivity.”

FQ Projects:
Booth: E235 (MAC)
Yang Yongliang– has become really quite well known for his exciting contemporary take on traditional chinese landscapes using digital photography of modern urban buildings he then manipulates these to appear form a distance as traditional chinese landscapes but on closer inspection they reveal themselves as composed of the harsh or ugly images of modern downtown shanghai. He is in a number of museum and major private collections.

His latest series, Peach Colony, takes a slightly new approach conveying the beauty and tranquillity of a legendary and secret place. Through this photographs, in colour (a new thing for the artist) or black & white, Yang Yongliang gives shape to a legendary tale. The series is inspired by the ancient legend telling how Wuling the fisherman, one day, discovered a valley inhabited by people who had escaped Tsin Shihe Huang’s tyranny. Through the choice of a special subject and his amazing digital collage technique, Yang Yongliang transports the viewer into a fascinating dream world. The characters seem to float in an unreal landscape.

Im Juri – Korean female artist, The theme of flowers always runs through Im Juri’s art works. In Im Juri’s opinion historically the male, based on his desire for the female form, determines the way in which the female is perceived, thereby reducing her role to one of passivity and pleasure. Because of this idea Im Juri creates an image of an independent woman. She constantly keeps juggling and splitting herself into two halves in reality, as “the subject seeing” and “the object being seen”. The combination of flower face and female body that she uses are to some extent showing an alienation of self and world. The pain and self-awareness in this process is repeated.

In addition, Chen Xiaobing is very interesting young female artist working in South China, using a traditional but currently not commonly used media of Wood block print, with the addition of hands-on craft directly on the final works. Hu Zi and Mo Di are another two young female artists in the show and a male artist Zhang Xianyong born of 1970s with his performance photography works.

Galleria Morro
Booth E227 (MAC)
Francisco Bugallo is one of the most prominent Venezuelan artists and he will be showing the last production about the creation by Michelangelo. He received one of many achievement awards and recognitions in Venezuela because of this work.

G2 Gallery
Booth: G305 (MAC)
Exhibition Visions of America.
The artist Clyde Butcher is in town from Florida and will be at the opening on the 18th.
Art historians have called Butcher the natural successor to master photographer Ansel Adams. While Butcher is deeply influenced by the landscape photography of Adams, he prefers a more intuitive approach to capturing light, guided more by emotion and sense of place than the technical calculations that were Adams’ hallmarks. To make his visions come alive Butcher uses cameras ranging from 4″x5″ up to 12″x20″ requiring the use of custom-built enlargers to accommodate his massive prints.

In addition to being known for his large-format, black & white photography, Butcher is also his activism, which has brought international attention to the environmental issues facing the Florida Everglades, where he make his home.

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts
Booth: B130 (MAC)

Jasper Johns
“Flags I”. It’s one of the great iconic works of contemporary art. Last week we sent out an image announcing our presence at the fair. It created a flood of responses.

Additonal Artists: Jordi Alcaraz, the Spanish contemporary artist

the Irish Contemporary artist, Patrick Graham, in advance of this National museum tour which opens in February in San Francisco and travels to Wash. D.C. and St. Louis etc.

Hans Burkhardt, whose critically acclaimed exhibition is now on view in our gallery through Jan. 31 as part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time.

Also as part of PST, Ruth Weisberg and Claire Falkenstein will be on view (they will be subjects of two major shows in our gallery as part of PST opening Feb. 18).

Select works by George Condo, Karel Appel, Francisco Zuniga (who will be honored by Mexico’s National Museum with a centennial tribute) Jerome Witkin (regarded by many curators as the leading narrative painter today) and a few other surprises.

The McLoughlin Gallery
Booth: G294 (MAC)

David Middlebrook has a well respected career starting off in the Funk Movement and is close colleague of Paul Voulkos and Fletcher Benton and was past Director of the San Jose State Fine Arts Program.

John Waguespack is an up and coming rising star in San Francisco.

Peter Blake Gallery
Booth: F250 (MAC)

Lita Albequerque.- LA Based. We will be exhibiting a large scale work in white which will be a first. She is also recreating an outdoor installation on Sunday in conjunction with PST.

See + Gallery
Booth: C165 (MAC)
Wei Bi, a hermit at his early 40th, use the rice paper and calligraphy together with photography art to express his nostalgia.

Huang Xiaoliang and Lu Yanpeng, who are much younger, grown up in the rip material current of China, interestingly choose to express their inner world with the same path

SM Fine Art
Booth: F255 (MAC)

Kim Dong Yoo
Born in 1965, in Gong Ju, Republic of Korea, the artist Kim Dong Yoo’s prime interest begins with the motif, the image that has been around, the ready-made. He focuses on the numerous images that either fall within the category of art or are somewhere along the margins of art. He incorporates them into his work, by manipulating and defamiliarizing them, and erasing and confusing the concepts what have long been fixedly attached to them.

All the images that appear in Kim Dong Yoo’s series are portraits of famous people. Unique attributes of individualities of friends, families, and of ourselves are differentiated from one to another by its visual images shown through facial expressions.

In terms of production technique, Kim Dong Yoo’s work counters the general form of Pop Art. His working style of elaborately painting stamp sized pixel by pixel reminds of a transitional techniques of early Pop Art where the artist printed the image directly on a canvas.

About Art works: Double Images Face vs. Face

Kim Dong Yoo’s signature works which present dual images on one canvas made their first debut in the mid to late 1990s. In Two Images, featuring little portraits of Park Chung Hee (South Korea President in 60s~70s) forming a large picture of Marilyn Monroe, Kim brings in two overly exploited and therefore cliche images, which despite the banality have a myriad of meanings associated with them. The two icons do not seem to be related at all, but if one made some creative connections they may seem to be linked somehow after all. One link may be the numerous rumors about Park’s amorous relationship with women, especially with top starts of his time.

The subjects in Kim Dong Yoo’s paintings are all celebrity figures which their days appeared to the public as being somehow immortal and unchangeable, but death brought a sudden end to their lives. They share this attribute of death, but whose existence will be eternal in spite of it.

The face is the outward appearance of a subject who recognizes that he is a human being. We are constantly looking at faces, where everything about the person is reflected. The artist finds it just as crucial to his work. There is the common assumption that appearance is an indication of what kind of a person the individual is. The face, in this respect, is a cultural code and/or rule which guide our perception of the visible being. Our eyes are constantly studying this face, trying to read it for more information. Kim Dong Yoo is especially interested in the face of the icons in these matters.

Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Booth: F260 (MAC)
Louise Nevelson. (Russian , Sculpture )
The most famous female sculpture of the 20th Century.
Selection of distinguished works from her personal collection , from 1950 – 1970’s.
A major new Monograph being released in spring and retrospective museum shows revisiting her significance.

Michele Mattei ( French born, Photographer ) – Artist in Attendance.
Selection of works from ” Fabulous ” which will be featured at the National Museum Of Women in the Arts in Washington DC, opening Oct 2012.

Yossi Govrin ( Israel born, sculpture ) – Artist in attendance
Installation of unique sculpture , “The Nightwatch “, incongruous blending of figurative work and antique chandeliers.

Zhenya Gershman ( Russian born , painter ) – Artist in Attendance
Rembrandt Scholar and in Education Department at the Getty Museum, in charge of special programs and guest lectures.
Premier of 4 panel painting , which will be feature of new exhibition opening in March at TYFA – BH.

Lori Hyland ( American , Painter ) – Artist in Attendance
Recent cover feature in Art and Living Magazine alongside significant personalities in media , the arts and culture .
Installation includes her theme .. ” Love Conquers All ” ..

Udo Noder ( German , painter ) – Artist in Attendance
Recent one person exhibition featured at Art Basel Miami.
Numerous museum shows.

Carole Feuerman ( American – sculpture ).
Hyper realistic figurative sculpture .
Premier of a new life size work entitled , ” Next Summer “

Zane Bennet Gallery
Booth: C178 (MAC)
Two medium-sized kinetic steel sculptures by renowned abstract expressionist sculptor Mark di Suvero, several paintings by German minimal artist Günther Förg, two canvases by François Morellet, a French pioneer of geometric abstraction, and sculpture and cast-paper prints by Mimmo Paladino, a leader of the Italian Transavantgarde movement.

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The new LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary features bold and exciting work from today’s great artists and influential visionaries. Bringing together top galleries from around the world, the show creates a vibrant atmosphere that examines the present while formulating the future.

Thursday, January 19, 2012, 11am – 7pm
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
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The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary features bold and exciting work from today’s great artists and influential visionaries. Bringing together respected galleries from around the world, the show creates a vibrant atmosphere that examines the present while formulating the future and is committed to showing the highest quality works ranging from Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, Henry Moore, Sebastião Salgado, David Hockney, Judy Chicago, Roy Lichtenstein, Arshile Gorky, Jim Dine, Andy Warhol, Fernando Botero and others. Once an encyclopedic show, the new LA Art Show is focused on the immediate past as well as today’s and tomorrow’s contemporary trends, honed and edited to showcase top caliber galleries featuring modern and contemporary works by established and emerging artists.

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