Burger Lounge Brings Grass-Fed Fare (June 2013)


If the lines were long for the opening party for the new Brentwood location of  the newest Burger Lounge (in the space that previously hosted La Salsa and right underneath Chin Chin) they are even longer now that the little corner hamburger place is open on the corner of San Vicente and Barrington. 

And everyone that was gathered around the corner spot the other evening when we drove by looked so happy, even waiting for a table.  Families are already dining outside at the tables that look to also hold friends getting together, too.
Burgers — beef, turkey, vegetarian, even fish and the specialty of the season, such as bison, are the order of the day. We also tried the lamb burger and it is juicy, tasty and filled with the essence of everything wonderful about lamb.  The burgers can be accompanied by heaps of fries and onion rings.  
The healthy grass-fed beef is surrounded by a hefty bun… and there are over-the-top desserts, from the brand new Chocolate Carmel Sea Salted Brownie Shake to the classic hot fudge sundae.  Big enough to share, everyone will want their own because the desserts, too, are made in-house with the best ingredients possible.
The company keeps evolving and incorporating n new items into the menu. On opening day in Brentwood, Burger Lounge  unveiled its newest menu item, the Seared Albacore Sandwich featuring long-­-line caught albacore tuna, baby watercress, roasted tomato relish and house-­-made lemon-­-basil aioli.  It is perfect for that one person in the party who does not eat meat but wants more of a protein than a veggie burger.
There are two sides to the little glass box of a friendly restaurant with tables on one side, the order station in the middle and on the other side is the kitchen window, where you can see the cooks working.  In front of the window are counter seats that face the beautiful coral trees and the bustle of street life outside so that you are always right in the middle of the energy no matter you are in the place.
The meat is 100% grass-fed from start to finish, which is unusual since more grass-fed cattle are “finished off” with a vegetarian diet that is usually corn infused to give it a more buttery finish.  So the meat is perfectly done, and the cooks go to any lengths to prepare your burger to your liking, but it has a crisper, drier taste than regular beef.
Maybe all the smiles are because of the way the place is run.  Want a different combination than is on the menu?  Just tell the smiling young staff member taking the orders, or the manager.  They are there to please.This is the company’s eleventh location and its fourth in Los Angeles. We dined at the location on Beverly Drive and were as impressed with the staff as with the clean taste of the grass-fed burgers.  If a server did not know the answer to a question, they stopped and asked someone in management — very impressive.
So just when we thought there was nothing new under the sun that a hamburger place could do to be original, Burger Lounge comes to town with all of the eco-consciousness, health-consciousness and customer-satisfaction consciousness that should and does symbolize Southern California hospitality.  Yes, we want to eat healthy but more than that we want to eat happy.  Burger Lounge satisfies on all counts.