Fairyland in Northern California- Great place for toddlers- January 2013

We visited Fairyland for the first time over the holidays.It was the perfect place for our kids that are three and five years old.They suggest ages two to six to visit the park. It was full of young kids and not overcrowded as many amusement parks are. The cost was also very affordable at $8 a ticket.


The park had the magic kids desire from puppet shows to live plays of nursery rhymes. One can purchase a magic key for $3 which inputs a keyhole that reads a story out loud. The interactive areas gave our kids so much excitement to be a part of each section. Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland for some of the favorites.  There is a little reading room too which is quaint and filled with great books. The creations from the water fountain in a lion’s mouth to the eating area in a large apple gave were so creative. There is a hill that kids can slide down on cardboard boxes which was another hi light. There are a few live animals the kids loved from chickens to donkeys and goats. We got through the whole park in a few hours. We strongly recommend a trip to Northern California with your toddlers. They will not forget it!


699 Bellevue Avenue

Oakland, Ca 94610