Traveling to New York- What you need to see- April 2015

New York, New York. It’s the place where dreams are made of. Many people are keen to head to New York City for a week of relaxing, shopping and culture. New York has a vast appeal for many. It’s vital that you head to the greatest city on earth and explore more of what this amazing place has to offer.


There are some must-see tourist hotspots within the confines of the city. Of course, Central Park and the Grand Central Station are a must. But, if you want to get slightly off the tourist trail, there are some brilliant things that you can see and do. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. New York may be pricey to live in, but it’s certainly a cheap vacation for those that visit!


Times Square


Times Square has become something of a national institution. It’s a great place to dine shop and see New York up, close and personal. Times Square has some of the finest eating establishments in New York. Head to Restaurant Row and mingle with the stars. From pizzerias to fine dining, there is something to suit every palate and every budget. Head to Times Square at night to see the city come alive. It’s always best after dark, when the hustle and the bustle of the city can be seen from a personal viewpoint.


Statue of Liberty


New York icons don’t come much bigger, or better, than that of the Statue of Liberty. Need we say more about this icon of the US? Seeing it is actually believing. The majesty and the sheer size of the statue are not to be missed.


Stinne 24


Take the Staten Island Ferry


Staten Island is a quiet haven away from the madness that is Manhattan. But, the Staten Island ferry is a treat for all visitors to NYC. After all, where else can you get panoramic views of the city, thus capturing the majesty of the city in the blink of an eye? Passenger ferries are a smart way to see the whole of New York. While the Staten Island ferry is the most iconic, you can head to Coney Island and Governors Island via the passenger ferry route too. What’s more, some of these ferries are free. It’s a great way to get off the beaten track and see a little more of the city. Not everything is in Manhattan, after all!


Yankee Stadium


Sports fans have to see the Yankee Stadium. Whether you love the Yankees or not, you have to admit, their ballpark is pretty cool. It’s a must-see hotspot for any sports fans. Check out their grounds in more detail. Even if you are not into sports, there is live music events held at the park too. So, you can experience an authentic slice of New York without having to sit through a game.


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High Line


While the High Line is no longer in use, it’s a great place to explore. The old-time train track is now a fantastic route to walk along. Plus, you can see those all important views of the Hudson River. It’s stunning and picturesque in its own way.

New York is the perfect place to visit, all year long. What could be better than seeing all of the sights in real life?