Peppermint Christmas in Spring at The Peppermint Club

 The h.wood Group & Interscope Records New Live Music Concept Venue In West Hollywood, ‘The Peppermint Club’ is a hit. ( @thepeppermintclub)

Justin Bieber already surprised attendees at friend Andrew Watt’s performance at Los Angeles hot spot The Peppermint Club last week for a surprise performance on the drums.  Bieber played for a solid 30 minutes to a packed crowd that included both members of The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

No surprise because the h.wood Group & Interscope Records collaboration creates a unique 60’s inspired music lounge meant to cater to true musicians and music lovers. The h.wood Group’s John Terzian and Brian Toll new innovative live music space partners Interscope Records John Janice, Steve Berman, and John Ehmann, takes over the old ‘HENRY’S’ space.

This unique partnership with Interscope Records has as its mission a new way of thinking about live music venues, where guests experience a premier lounge with lush textures and enjoy live music surrounded by the comfort of an executive’s living room, featuring state of the art sound for live music and playback listening parties.

The Peppermint Club’s interiors will play out visions of blending dark tones with soft vibrant textures, where it’s amplifying energy is designed to cruet an exclusive setting for an intimate evening.

 The signature mixology program at The h.wood Group’s The Peppermint Club was curated with specialty cocktails influenced by it’s very own namesake, and other libations paying ode to the music industry’s legendary live venues, complete with a light ‘Snacks’ menu, offering comforting panini sandwiches and finger foods.

Guests will also enjoy lounge style bottle service in clever seating arrangements, while being entertained by live resident artists and special guest performances.

The h.wood Group’s Food & Beverage Specialist, Adam Koral, curates a signature mixology program with specialty cocktails, such as The Billboard, made with Virginia Black whiskey, muddled strawberry, honey, lemon juice, and soda, along with other libations paying ode to the music industry’s legendary live venues, complete with a light ‘Snacks’ menu, offering comforting panini sandwiches and finger foods.

Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman John Janick noted, “The Peppermint Club puts sound and performance at the forefront of the design, and I think it’s going to usher in a revival of a long-gone L.A. nightlife aesthetic that combines music and lifestyle into one great experience.”

The h.wood Group’s John Terzian adds, “I think that there is truly nothing else like actually seeing musicians play live in a venue. Personally, I believe that The h.wood Group contributes in a major way to the LA marketplace in catering to musicians. All of our venues feature a small stage and music area. The Peppermint Club pays homage to the historic live music venues we all grew up with and love, like ‘Whiskey A Go Go’, ‘Troubadore’, etc., but with our modern twist on it.”

The h.wood Group’s Brian Toll adds, “We expect this to be our version of what the Roxy and Whiskey once were. We wanted a venue where artists can showcase new songs and albums and really designed the place to be artist friendly.

With his passion for the arts and creating hospitality spaces, Terzian went into attentive detail in development for the creative, concept and design of The Peppermint Club, while John Sofio of Built Inc. designs and generates Terzian’s vision for The Peppermint Club’s interiors that plays out visions of blending dark tones with soft vibrant textures, and where it’s amplifying energy is designed to create an exclusive setting for an intimate evening.

The state of the art D & B Audtiotechnik loudspeaker sound system by sound designer and engineer, Demetrius Moore in collaboration with Eighth Day Sound is famed for working with names such as Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc.,), for Peppermint’s live music and playback listening parties. Moore collaborated with Sofio on the science for using specific building materials, such as cork ceiling tiles, and coat-padded walls.

The Peppermint Club guests are indulged  the comfort of a record executive’s private listening room, surrounded by soft, lush materials, luxury furniture, and high end finishes. The cozy 2,000 square foot space is layered with forms, shapes, and textures that fill the room and exude an air of exclusivity.

Custom colors including Peppermint Plum burgundy, Peppermint Blueberry blue, and Peppermint Sky blue give the space pops of color, juxtaposed with the dark elegant shades. The cork ceiling and vertically layered dug fir finishes- harvested from a 1956 building on the Sunset Strip- are reminiscent of a classic sound studio and serve to complement the acoustic excellence of the space. The bar, banquettes, and seating all serve as a kind of home-style furniture in their design and shape.

 The stage itself feels like a familiar living room and serves as a lounge seating area, completely immersed and integrated with the rest of the venue. Classic, Regency style design inspires the custom, New Vintage, tube lights and lozenge shapes of the stage. Warm wood sculptures and sharp, polished brass artwork mimic the high-end pop art typical of the Woodstock generation. Wenge black wood and mahogany on the bar top contrast with the white oak bar face.

Behind the stage, the ‘Virginia Black Green Room, (aka the VIP room), is available for artists and guests, achieving an even more extreme degree of privacy.


The Peppermint Club ,8713 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048 , ( @thepeppermintclub)