Pitfire Artisan Pizza offers great food, family friendly atmosphere- May 2017

The first we noticed upon arriving to Pitfire Artisan Pizza’s Marina Del Rey border of Culver City location was the general family-friendly vibe and the great tunes being played by their own DJ.  Seemed to be very comfortable and spacious inside.

Aside from a variety of beer and wine to drink, they also serve a very refreshing red wine and white blend Sangria.  They also served a very tasty Peach Sangria style.

We started with a delicious, healthy Kale salad. It was light and well marinated.   Add to that an artistic white bean soup and some flat-bread (with a side of ricotta cheese), and we were off to a great start.

As for our pizza that soon followed, we tried 3 different pies. The surprising and tasty Big Sur, with it’s plump gulf-shrimp and assorted delicious cheeses and herbs was our favorite. The Mushroom Field, and a plain cheese pizza were the 2 others we tried that were very tasty.  Their crust was moist and not too thick.  I found it “just right”.   Their amazing pizzas can also be ordered with Gluten Free crust.   We also tried Pitfire’s Spaghetti with chicken meatballs that was a big hit for the kids.

If you’ve saved any room for dessert, we highly recommend Pitfire’s Smothered Cookie, topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate and/or caramel syrup.

Aside from Pitfire’s great food (all so pleasant to look at by the way), we found the overall customer service to be outstanding! Pitfire’s entire staff seemed very positive, helpful, and extremely very friendly.  The manager Richard was very welcoming and hospitable.

We would highly recommend Pitfire Artisan Pizza for excellent Italian cuisine and an overall good-time. Very family friendly.


Written by Russell Cooper and Todd Elliot