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Agua Caliente Casino in Palm Springs-360 Restaurant Sports Bar, Live Music- August 2022

Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs offers 24-hour gaming (slots and table games), live entertainment in the Cascade Lounge, and numerous dining options in downtown Palm Springs https://aguacalientecasinos.com/properties/palm-springs/.

We had a chance to stop by Agua Caliente Casino in Palm Springs, and the casino was very nice & clean inside. We had dinner at the 360 Sports Restaurant, and the food was very tasty, much better than the standard sports bar food. We started with the Italian Chop Salad and Baja grilled fish tacos.

For entrees we ordered Shrimp Pad Thai, Orange Chicken,  Lo Mein Noodles, Short Ribs & Mongolian Beef  from their Asian part of their menu. All the dishes were very tasty, and our favorites were the Pad Thai and Korean Short Ribs.

The atmosphere is busy with lots going on between all the different sporting games on the multiple televisions as well as live bingo games. There are plenty of sports to watch on the numerous televisions and it’s a very engaging place to go. More at https://aguacalientecasinos.com/dining/360-sports/

We then walked over to the Cascade Lounge on the other side of the casino where we saw and heard a live band. We were there on a Wednesday so we took advantage of blues night, every Wednesday night from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.  For music lovers, the Cascade Lounge is a fun retro-lounge feel infused with live music to entice listeners onto the dance floor. When you are not dancing, sit back and relax while enjoying the music with a cocktail or glass of wine. https://aguacalientecasinos.com/nightlife/cascade-lounge/

Overall we had a very fun evening, and will definitely come back to try some of their additional restaurants as well as enjoy their live entertainment. Agua Caliente has 3 Casino locations here in the Desert. https://aguacalientecasinos.com/

Written by Todd Elliot, Photos by Jeff Zimerman