Zerofit- The Warmest Baselayer products for ski and cold weather- December 2022

By Coral Isikci

Zerofit is a Japanese apparel brand that specialises in best-in-class baselayers. They are relatively new to North America but our hero baselayer – the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate – has been independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than a standard baselayer, making it the ideal piece of winter kit for all manner of alpine activities.  My staff and I have personally tried out the products this winter and they have kept me very warm while also being super comfortable.  I have even slept in the top and leggings and they felt great.

Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer®

Designed in Japan, made for the outdoor world

Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer® – is now available to skiers and snowboarders in North America with a range of innovative cold weather products and accessories designed to keep people warm on their alpine adventures this winter.

Developed in Japan by a team of experienced and passionate engineers, the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer ($99) has been proven to be five times warmer than a standard baselayer following independent testing at the Boken Institute in Osaka, making it a game-changing product in even the coldest of conditions. Evaluations at the Institute resulted in a heat retention rating of 0.78; a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, while a sweater would typically have a rating of around 0.3.

Technologically enhanced ‘Heat Threads’ inside the garment are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate warmth instantly. Unlike most other baselayers, the Ultimate does not work on the basis of ‘compression for heat’ – so not only does it provide greater warmth on the slopes, it’s comfortably soft and you also don’t feel restricted by an inability to move freely.

The Ultimate has been designed to work best in a temperature range of 14° Fahrenheit thru 50° Fahrenheit and Zerofit also offers Heatrub Ultimate Leggings ($99) and Heatrub Ultimate Socks ($27) which are made from the same fabric as the baselayer and perform in the same way, making them popular additions for those who want to be warm from top to toe.

For adaptable warmth and moisture wicking in slightly milder temperatures, Zerofit is also delighted to introduce the Heatrub Move Baselayer ($76) which has been independently tested and proven to be twice as warm as a standard product.

It also features a 45% polypropylene construction on the inside of the baselayer as well as a hollow polyester shell that work in tandem to regulate body temperature, so as you work harder for longer, you won’t overheat in the conditions.

The construction removes sweat from the skin and the hollow polyester design and ‘LABO’ fabric ensures it evaporates off the surface of the garment quickly, so the unpleasant experience of cold sweat on the body never materialises. The Move has been innovated for a temperature range of 23° Fahrenheit thru 53° Fahrenheit.

To complement this baselayer, Zerofit also manufactures a Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie ($80) using the same fabric – the perfect outer layer to wear over the base.

INFORMATION: The Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL in black, gray, red, white, navy blue or green. It is also offered in XXL and XXXL in black and gray. The Heatrub Ultimate Leggings come in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, in black only. The Heatrub Move Baselayer is available in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL in black, titanium or white. The Heatrub Ultimate socks are available in Small (5-8), Medium (8-11) and Large (11-14) in black. All products can be ordered online at for delivery across North America.