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Sherman’s Deli in Palm Springs- Must Dining Visit- April 2023

Sherman’s Deli in Downtown Palm Springs is the ultimate destination for those looking for the best Jewish deli food. The restaurant is always bustling with patrons, a testament to the quality of their food. We had the pleasure of trying the mushroom barley soup and it was absolutely heavenly – a must-try for any soup lover. The sandwiches are all outstanding, but I decided to try the unique number 12, which combined corned beef and turkey. Both meats were expertly prepared and delicious, eaten together or separately.

One standout dish that is a must-try at Sherman’s Deli is the matzoh brei, a traditional Jewish dish that is served with applesauce and sour cream. The variety of menu options is extensive, but the matzoh brei should definitely be on your list. For those looking for something refreshing, Dr. Brown’s diet black cherry soda is an exclusive item that you won’t find in many other restaurants.

As for dessert, the chocolate chip rugelach is an unexpected yet delightful treat that should not be missed. Our server, Oscar, was attentive and provided excellent service throughout our meal. The manager, Jesse, was also hospitable and made us feel right at home. We highly recommend Sherman’s Deli to all visitors and cannot wait to return ourselves. Although there may be a wait, the exceptional food and service are more than worth it.  More at   https://shermansdeli.com/