Vitality Spa in the Miracle Mile Shops in Vegas offers a variety of services-April 2023

Vitality, located in the Miracle Mile shops, is a perfect place to unwind and experience a range of relaxation techniques and therapies. During our visit, we tried their water massage beds, and it was a truly relaxing experience. Although the massage was not too deep, it was incredibly comfortable, and I even fell asleep. Next, we headed to the counter for their oxygen treatments, which involved putting tubes in our noses and around our ears to get pure oxygen into our bodies. The 15-minute session was rejuvenating. Our final treatment was the tens electronic stim unit, which complemented the experience nicely. With all of the walking we did around Las Vegas, our relaxation experience at Vitality was the best way to end the day.  Vitality is a must-visit destination, and it is an excellent way to spend an hour or so. Important to mention, not only do they take credit cards but they also accept HSA and FSA cards.