Matchbox 20 delivered great music at the Hollywood Bowl on May 22, 2023

It was a great night on May 22 at the Hollywood bowl or Matchbox 20 finally made their appearance after being scheduled in 2020. They got postponed in 2020,2021 and then again in 2022 so it’s been three years and their first appearance ever at the beautiful bowl was worthwhile. They sang all their fantastic hits from “3am”,  “bent”, “push”, “unwell”, “real world”, “you’re gone” and ending with “bright lights” among others. They played a bunch of new music as they have a new record coming out soon called “where the light goes”, which was inspiring and new to hear.  The Hollywood Bowl was packed solid as this iconic, still popular band from the 90s-2000’s with Rob Thomas as the lead singer.  It was a beautiful night and overall just a fantastic concert. This is the first stop on their tour all around the country and what a way to start it off. Rob Thomas and the band delivered big time as the sound was fantastic and Matchbox 20’s energy was off the charts.