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Dining & Activities in Frisco, Colorado including the 5th Ave Grill, Lost Cajun & Two Below Zero Sleigh Ride Chuckwagon- Feb. 2024

Dining & Activities in Frisco

Not to miss is the 5th Ave. Grill. This exquisite and high-end restaurant has beautiful decor and an intimate atmosphere. The server Kelsey was helpful and attentive while the owner Jordan came over and visited as he was very busy but super professional.  Jordan just took over the establishment this last June and pictured with his significant other Courtney work together.

The food speaks for itself along with the popular crowd they had on a Tuesday night and the weekends are packed so make your reservation early.  Start off with the seared Ahi tuna with avocado over jasmine rice, as well as the grilled brussels sprouts. The winter crunch salad (with shrimp added) was delicious with mixed greens, pomegranates, feta cheese, pistachios, and lemon, poppyseed dressing.


They had a nice selection of entrées, but the most popular dish was the bison short ribs. The Idaho trout was tasty and on the healthier side. One dish that I didn’t get but it’s very popular and rare to see on the menu is the beef wellington. For dessert don’t miss the homemade chocolate chip cookies with brown butter and enhance your meal with one of their signature cocktails or hot drinks. I had screwball toddy, which was screwball whiskey with lemon, honey and super delicious.  Overall they were just fantastic and the dining experience was great.


Their Mission is Only the Best To provide our guests with a one-of a-kind dining experience by providing exceptional service, elevated cuisine options, in a causal comforting atmosphere.


Lost Cajun – located in downtown Frisco provides a New Orleans theme with that exact type of food. I’ve been to New Orleans a lot and the Lost Cajun provides delicious offerings from a multitude of gumbos, jambalaya and red beans and rice. They have an assortment of Po’boys and other fried Southern specialties. I also went with the voodoo sautéed shrimp pasta.

Don’t miss the beignets for dessert and you’ll feel like you have just left the big easy. The owner Brandy (photo below) is very welcoming and hospitable, and she also hosts and serves. She took over the restaurant in the middle of last year and the place remains popular among the locals and tourists. It’s a casual dining experience, but you’ll leave fully satisfied.


Two Below Zero Sleigh Rides and Chuckwagon:

Located in Frisco, this is a different adventure, but well worth it. You meet in the parking lot in the back of the Nordic Center downtown and then you board your mule sleigh ride, which is about 15-20 minutes to the yurt tent.  From there, you get served some hot chocolate with complementary peppermint schnapps, if desired while the drivers of the sleigh ride double up as your servers. You start with a tasty soup, and they are served a combo platter of beef & chicken with potatoes and green beans. Apple pie is for dessert before talented Nashville musician  David Peel sings & plays his guitar with some popular country songs. Feel free to get up and dance, sing, and enjoy the evening before you take your sleigh ride back to the parking lot as you’re bundled up under the blankets as it will be cold. A unique experience, but I highly recommend it.

No ski vacation near Frisco is complete without a sleigh ride and dinner at 2 Below Zero. That’s what scores of guest reviews report—and many families come back year after year!   Don’t miss your chance for a memorable evening at their location on the grounds of the Frisco Adventure Park.  Their seating is limited, so make your reservations early by calling 970-453-1520. Or use their online form here to request a reservation.Your evening at 2 Below Zero begins with a quiet sleigh ride amidst snow-capped mountain views and starry night skies.  Upon arrival at their back country camp, the old-fashioned fun continues inside a cozy lantern-lit, heated tent. Your evening includes a hearty three-course, home-cooked meal with a music guitar/singer show.