Brightside Yoga in LA near Culver City offers fantastic Hot Yoga & Saunas- June 2024

I am adding in personal experience as I have been going for about a month now and the hot yoga classes are fantastic.  If you want your butt kicked, try the sculpt sesh.  You can also request your heater to be turned down or to the highest level as they are all individually which is quite different than any other hot yoga studio I have been to.   They supply mats, blocks, small cold towels, weights and stretch straps.   Highly recommend this studio and you can try it out for ONLY $49 for your first month.

Brightside Overview / The Feel-Good Company

Brightside is the third and newest brand to launch from The Feel-Good Company, which includes massage concept Squeeze and mental health concept Okay Humans. Following the success of Drybar, its founders created The Feel-Good Company to change the way people experience retail across categories – everything from technology, architecture, branding, operations and marketing are incorporated to build and scale brands from the ground up and create luxurious experiences at an affordable price point.

Brightside is The Feel-Good Company’s first venture in the fitness space, combining the ancient practice of yoga and the healing power of saunas to create a truly “bright” experience.

Infrared Yoga

  • Our yoga room is supercharged with infrared heat to penetrate deep into the body, helping to detoxify, increase metabolism, boost a healthy immune system, and alleviate joint and muscle pain.
  • Brightside’s 4 signature classes are rooted in vinyasa yoga, breath-synchronized movement, and set to thoughtfully curated playlists. Each class offers something for everyone whether you’ve never taken a yoga class or if you’re an advanced yogi.
Infrared Sauna

  • We have four private suites with mood-mending chromotherapy lights and the ability to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or guided meditation session right from your own phone. The sauna is designed to allow guests to relax and get all the benefits of infrared while they simply sit and sweat!

The Brightside App

  • Like all brands within The Feel-Good Company, technology is at the forefront of Brightside.
  • The Brightside app allows for a cashless, easy experience where guests can book, pay, check-in, purchase refreshments, track their individual progress, celebrate milestones and more – all at their fingertips.
  • Address: 11924 Washington Blvd Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90066


    Thursday 6:15 AM–9:15 PM
    Friday 6:15 AM–7:15 PM
    Saturday 7:45 AM–7:15 PM
    Sunday 7:45 AM–8:15 PM
    Monday 6:15 AM–9:15 PM
    Tuesday 6:15 AM–9:15 PM
    Wednesday 6:15 AM–9:15 PM