Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival June 19th-24th, 2024- Preview, Tickets

The 2024 Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival Has A Theme June 19 to June 24, 2024

Fighting Antisemitism

One Film at a Time


Spectacular Special Events, Thought-Provoking Filmmakers and Celebrities At Events All Week Long … Including American Rap Artist MATISYAHU Appearing for His World Premiere Documentary “Song of Ascent” At The LAJFF Closing Night

Los Angeles – June 2024 – The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival will present new films at various venues from June 19 to June 24, 2024. The Gala Opening Night celebration happens at 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time in Beverly Hills at the Saban Theatre with a world premiere for the new crime/thriller “Guns & Moses” by director Salvator Litvak. The cast includes Mark Feuerstein, Neal McDonough, Dermot Mulroney, Christopher Lloyd, Alona Tal, Craig Sheffer, Jake Busey, Michael B. Silver and Mila & Juju Brener. The story is about a beloved small-town rabbi who becomes an unlikely gunslinger after his community is violently attacked. Directed by Salvador Litvak and written by Salvador Litvak and Nina Davidovich, some of the film’s cast and crew are attending.  Mark Feuerstein will participate in the post screening filmmaker Q&A.


LAJFF Opening Night Gala World Premiere Film Event

Thursday, June 19, 2024

Guns & Moses – 8pm


“Guns & Moses”

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LAJFF Closing Night World Premiere

Monday, June 24, 2024 7:30pm





MATISYAHU in person at Q&A following his new documentary about performing in Israel and October 7th.


This very special documentary comes to the LAJFF from American rap music star, Matisyahu. Screening on June 24th in Beverly Hills, LAJFF will present this as a world premiere. Matisyahu’s new documentary Song Of Ascent  The feature-length documentary features scenes from his live concert and will chronicle experiences of the singer-songwriter, who is a culture sensation. Song of Ascent depicts Matisyahu’s most recent US tour bookended by two meaningful trips to Israel, and follows his experience at several Kibbutzim, the Nova Festival site, hospitals, and other locations essential to bearing witness to the

Oct 7th massacres. Throughout the film, Matisyahu puts on three large shows in Israel just before and after having three of his US tour dates canceled by anti-Israel protests, thrusting Matisyahu into a unique role of speaking up for, and defending not just himself, but for the Jewish people during these difficult times.  Matisyahu first visited Israel when he was 16; a trip that sparked a connection to his Jewish roots. These roots ultimately birthed the popular, spiritual, world-renowned artist he has become and is celebrated throughout the live music footage.


The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival’s founder, Hilary Helstein, has curated a stellar line-up of fresh new films that address fighting blind hatred and ignorance with a focus on contemporary Jewish resistance.  Hilary says, “This year we selected films that connect our past to current events. With antisemitism on the rise, we have chosen films that unite our community and present an opportunity to enlighten, educate and fight to dispel negative myths while encouraging meaningful dialogue. Cinema is a powerful tool for storytelling and an effective platform to build bridges of peace and understanding. The impact of film stays with you long after the credits roll.” Each screening will have filmmaker sessions with thought-provoking panels, special guests and celebrities attending.



Colleyville Sunday, June 23rd 7:30pm

This new documentary from renowned Israeli filmmaker Dani Menkin ( “Dolphin Boy,” and “On the Map”) tells the gripping real-life ordeal about a terrorist who took the Rabbi and members of Congregation Beth El in Colleyville, TX hostage for 11 hours in 2022. The documentary shows how the congregation shows resilience and courage in unimaginable ways. This international event was captured on live TV and the film captures never-before-seen footage which shows more details from those harrowing 11 hours. This powerful documentary comes to LAJFF for a North American Premiere.  See more details here:


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Saturday, June 22 – 8pm

West Coast Premiere for “YANIV” + Q&A with cast members!  This film event is part of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2024

Featuring live appearances by:

Annabel Steven

 Eli Boskey




Sunday, June 23 · 1pm


LAJFF celebrates diversity and PRIDE month with the West Coast Premiere of UNSPOKEN

Filmmakers and lead cast appear for Q&A after the film. Directed by Jeremy Borison

Starring Charlie Korman and Michael Zap

This coming of age story follows Noam (played by Charlie Korman), a closeted teenager in a religious community who discovers that he might not be alone. When he finds a love letter written to his grandfather presumably by another man before the Holocaust, he sets out to find this mysterious person and uncover his grandfather’s identity as well as his own.




Sunday, June 23 · 4pm

Dramatic feature film about Nazi looted art followed by a Q&A with Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum.


Thursday, June 20 · 6:30pm


West Coast Premiere

 Q&A with Ravit Markus in person and Nina on zoom, preceded by a reception hosted by AFTAU

West Coast Premiere

On the cusp of turning 40, Israeli wheelchair badminton champion Nina Gorodetsky, has her first and maybe last, chance to participate in the Paralympics. However, she is negotiating a ticking biological clock both as a mother and as an athlete. What would she be willing to sacrifice to realize her Olympic dream? Nina shows true determination and perseverance as she keeps her eyes on the prize. Her commitment to achieve what she wants, no matter the obstacles, is compelling and uplifting. She is a badass!