Bibibop new Korean eatery in Westwood- Fresh, Quick, Healthy- September 2017

We recently visited Bibibop, a new fresh Korean eatery in the heart of Westwood. Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staff as we stepped up to the counter to build our own bowls as that is what they specialize in. Start with either noodles, rice or salad or a combination of them. Then choose your protein from the tasty steak, chicken breast (spicy or not) or tofu. I enjoyed the combo of steak and non-spicy chicken. Then add some toppings and a sauce. Voila, you are set for a nice meal as you pour a little bowl of miso soup and enjoy.

It is that easy, quick, healthy and delicious. This place will do very well as we met the partners Brenda and Marco, who were very hospitable. They are opening their next location on the 3rd St Promenade in the near future, another great area. More at