LA Kings Hockey Playoff Hopes in trouble for 03-04 Season

Kings Blue It Again       



          Playoff race or not, the fashionably late arriving crowd (this is L.A remember) had a chance to ponder which kings team would show up tonight for the latest in playoff type games as they continue their holding on by their fingertips grip on a playoff spot. The fans that were sitting already thought they’d gotten their answer as the kings scored first before you could say Chris Pronger (serving game suspension). Was this the moment the Kings realized (even with the most difficult remaining schedule) all they have to do is play

.500 hockey and they will reach Coach Andy Murray’s predicted

Point total for making the playoffs (despite looking lethargic in the

Last four games or have they just finally run out of gas)? Were the

Kings loyal fans, which have suffered through a season of record

setting man games lost to injuries, going to finally be able to forget

About all the injuries and what could have been (Imagine if Allison, Deadmarsh and Palfy had played)                                                                                                                                                      

Once again the answer was a resounding NOOOOO! Despite

managements bringing Martin Straka and Anson Carter to boost

The offense, the Kings cannot figure a way to play with a lead.

Scoring first in games this season has been like the kiss of death for the Kings (going all the way back to the first game of the season

Against the Red Wings) so why would this game be any different?

It wasn’t!!!! The Blues within the next two minutes scored the tying and go ahead goals and never looked back as the completely deflated the sold out crowd (which was still arriving!) They could have turned around and gone right back home as this game was pretty much over and the game wasn’t even 5 minutes old, as the kings looked lifeless, tired and confused. The Blues scored again to make it 3-1and after an early third period goal by the kings gave the kings die hard fans more false hope of a comeback, but after two hit goal posts by the kings the blues ended any drama by scoring two more goals (one was an empty net goal) to leave the Staples Center with a very crucial two points! Time is running out for this courageous but thoroughly beaten up team. They have played their hearts out this season and truly deserve to be in the playoffs, but if they don’t start getting production from the guys that are suppose to be scoring and more consistent goaltending, then these next 10 games remaining will serve nothing but the role of spoiler for the second consecutive season.