“Zip Fusion” Korean Home Dining in West LA has great Variety and is Delicious (3/06)

"Zip Fusion" is located at

11301 W.Olympic Blvd.

in West LA on the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic in the beautiful Olympic Collection Mall.

     The restaurant offered a wide variety of Asian style fusion cuisine which is highly recommended especially in set in an area a number of sushi restaurants. This is a way to taste a wider range of foods based on Asian inspiration with three chefs: from Mexico, Mongolia and Korea. A nice option and flavor is offered that stands apart and can extend itself to many different taste buds


     Appetizers range from a number of sushi selections; shrimp tempura; vegetable tempura; seaweed salad; spicy calamari; to main courses such as: Korean beef with rice and salad and delicious short ribs which we thought was the best dish on the menu. The sauces added a special individual flavor to each entrée.  Other unique choices were the salmon, shrimp ravioli, curry rice and sashimi/sushi bowls. The dessert was very tasty: mochi with flavors of chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, green tea and coffee.  There is also green tea or red bean ice cream and tempura fried ice cream


    The staff is very pleasant and well informed from the waiters, bartenders and chefs which were a pleasure to meet.  The environment is very cozy, dimmed lit, and great for a larger party especially for tasting a variety of dishes: perfect for any party situation.  There are private karaoke rooms in the back where you can have your own party and food in a sound proof booth with TV monitors to sing to thousands of songs.

     This hidden spot is a great kept secret and worth the visit. More information at 310-575-3636.  There are two other locations (One is downtown LA and the other in Corona).   There is a great selection of wines, beer, soju alcohol similar to vodka, and of course sake!   The website is www.zipfusion.com

Below is Chef Sean An along with his special creation of Whiskey Soda Back Riceless Sushi