Hemmorrhoid Problems? Try using Anuleaf AD! “Info and how it works” (9/09)

     Right after giving birth to my first child I experienced really bad hemorrhoid pain. I tried the traditional remedies (ie: preparation H, witch hazel, sitz baths, etc) however, nothing seemed to work as well as sitting with my bottom in the air with my cheeks spread. I remember thinking if only there was a way to sit like this all day until the pain subsides. Low and behold there is such a product! Anuleaf is a revolutionary, yet simple concept. Merely two strips that pull your rear end a part for you! Each end adheres to your rear end and also to your hips. The concept is simple but the relief is amazing.

     Next time I have a hemorrhoid flareup, I will use this product again first! 

What are Hemorrhoids? They are a natural part of the anatomy.  The term "symptomatic hemorrhoids" is used when hemorrhoid veins become inflamed and cause bleeding, pain, itching and discomfort.  Hemorrhoids are classified by location: internal, external and mixed, or by severity using grades I through IV.

What is anuleaf AD?
Anuleaf AD is an adhesive device that offers immediate relief of hemorrhoid pain. It consists of two crescent-shaped strips that hold your buttocks on a diagonal from the lower fold of your gluteus muscle to the hipbone.  anuleaf AD comes in two sizes:  small and medium.  Review the sizing chart on the box or on our website to determine the right size for you.

How does it work?
The device lifts the gluteus muscles away from the anal area so that the hemorrhoids are unobstructed.  Minimal application of adhesive on both ends of each strip makes removal and walking easy. More info at