Amtrak Train from Los Angeles (3/10)

amtrak new train.JPGamtrak inside.JPG

We started by taking the Amtrak train from LA heading up North. They have a few trains (older and newer models) including the Pacific Surfliner and the Starlight. I highly recommend business class as it is not that much more money and very much worth it. From snacks, excessive legroom, deep reclining seats, fewer passengers and easy bathroom access, it is the way to go.  This was our first experience on Amtrak and we were extremely satisfied. The staff was very friendly and the luxury of relaxing while watching the beautiful California coast was amazing. I have driven up North many times but have never experienced such incredible views as the train travels right along the ocean much more than the highway does.  There are many options to head up to Paso Robles but if possible, stay on the train as long as you can as it is a much more pleasant ride than the bus. The ride is very enjoyable and goes quickly. The train is not just a means of transportation it is a fun adventure, too. For more information, pricing and schedules, go to

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