“Mystere” Exciting Cirque du Soleil ongoing show in Vegas is not to miss (10/11)

      Before the show starts, there is quite a bit of fun entertainment as a clown interacts & amuses the crowd. When the show gets underway, a man dressed as a baby clown interacts with another bigger clown along with the audience that has everyone hysterical including a big spill of popcorn on some guests.  The warm-up act leads into this fabulous show full of variety including acrobats, aerialists, clowns and trapeze artists and more. The costumes were amazing consisting of many different colors and styles and shapes.

     One of the many great acts consisted of 2 male gymnasts with extreme strength balancing off each other and moving in different positions with each other while the other one is stationary.  They gymnast was lifting himself over his body in such a way like I’ve never seen before. The trapeze artists do amazing flips and exchanges with each other in midair.  Some of the other acts included stunts like jumping up poles with the greatest of ease while dancing around hanging sideways. It was truly astonishing. Another  act included a gymnast flipping off springboards and landing on the shoulder of another gymnast while repeating the skit over and over. They completed the performance by jumping off trampolines with an array of incredible stunts.


     There was also an aerialist who did spinning and various acrobatics while hanging within a square like frame. It had the audience captivated.  The lighting on all the entertainers was incredibly done in such a way that it just gets you more excited to see what is coming next. The music was a live band consisting of guitars, organs , bongos and other types of percussion instruments. It really enhanced all the performers in their various acts.

     Mystere is a Cirque du Soleil show at the permanent residence of Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is one of seven resident Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas.  Mystere was first performed on December 25, 1993 and quickly won over audiences with its unique style of circus entertainment.  The high energy show features a mixture of circus skills, dance, elaborate sets, opera, world-beat music and street theatre-style comedy.
It’s simply one of the most unique shows one will ever see with so much diversity. You have to see it to believe it.




     The Mystere theatre is located in the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and consists of a large auditorium with several


seats that goes at least 500 feet up into the air to reach the top of the tent.  Guy Laliberte is the founder; Franco Dragone is the Director and Debra Brown is the Choreographer of this long running successful show.  The show plays every night except

Thursday and most Fridays at 7 and 9:30pm.  However, check the schedule for their full performance schedule. The website for the hotel is  www.treasureisland.com and the show website is at http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/mystere/default.aspx


Aerial Cube

A virtuoso who can turn a simple cube into an object of beauty, he effortlessly turns and spins the cube while nonchalantly performing a gravity-defying ballet of aerial maneuvers. Fascinated observers hold their breath, wondering who is in control.

Aerial Highbars

Human dreams take flight, borne by the hopes of a new millennium. The pendulum movement of the high bar flyers emphasizes the relentless passage of time. But the benefits outweigh the risks, for the adventure is the reward.

The Aerial High Bar act was created and implemented by coach Andrei Lev and choreographer Pavel Brun. Inspired by the gymnastics high-bar routine, Mystère‘s High Bar bears Cirque du Soleil‘s own unique stamp. Fourteen national-calibre athletes from Russia, Romania, Canada and the United States use a symmetrical metal structure to fly and spin 40 feet above the stage.


Like majestic birds in flight, they dive in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos. They drop from their trapezes in turn or as a group, their falls halted only by the elastic around their waists.

Chinese Poles

Crawling up and down the poles, like sprouting vines, these artists are a symbol of organic life which feeds on itself as it grows.


He represents the other side of the coin – the individual who, refusing to fit the mold, becomes a cog in the machinery. The clown is the fly in the ointment. He is like the child who breaks a toy to see how it works. His innocent mischief is an exploration of our own child-like curiosity.

One of the original members of the Cirque du Soleil team, Wayne Hronek created the clown act that has thrilled audiences throughout the world with slightly dangerous antics and incredible comic timing. Brian Dewhurst has learned this routine from the original creator and is now performing the act in the Mystère Theatre.


Two mighty physiques connect in gentle, fluid movements, exuding a strength that mystifies the audience. This act is an exhibition of strength and stamina. The two brothers who perform the increasingly difficult maneuvers demonstrate harmony while fusing power and grace. Developed through many years of intense training, the hand-and-body balancing act is performed on a rotating dome, demanding extreme precision of the artists.


The adventure begins with the Big Bang, symbolizing primitive man embarking on a never-ending journey. The opening also juxtaposes the characters and contexts in a way that creates the timelessness of Mystère: the primitives on the drums, the Renaissance Archangels and the ultra-modern decor coexist seamlessly.


The comic chorus, always present, always jolly, laughs in the face of the pain of humanity. With their energy, these bouncing characters are like a virus contaminating the world of Mystère with an infectious folly. Perhaps they possess the true wisdom…