Robeks new Acai Smoothies, Bowls inspired by the Rio, Brazil- September 2016

Robeks LTO inspired by the beaches of Rio

Robeks’ new limited-time- offering açaí smoothies and bowls

provide a healthy taste of Brazil until Oct. 2 nd .

LOS ANGELES — Robeks Fresh Juices; Smoothies is bringing a taste of Brazil to its stores.

Flavors like acai, watermelon, banana and peanut butter combine to make healthy, delicious

treats in our new limited-time- only Brazil’s Flavor Destination offerings, available through Oct. 2.

Brazil’s Flavor Destination gives every Robeks customer a taste of this year’s Olympics host

with a mix of healthy and fresh ingredients that make you feel like you’re relaxing on the sunny

beaches of Rio, no matter where you are. The refreshing and flavorful Brazilian Berry

Smoothie™ is packed with fresh watermelon, açaí juice, frozen yogurt, pineapple and mango,

along with fresh mint leaves to add a refreshing touch. Made with Zola açaí and fresh

watermelon, the Amazonia Bowl™ is packed with pineapple and strawberry and topped with

shredded coconut, banana chips, mango, chocolate-covered coconut, bee pollen and raw

honey. Finally, we have the Nutty Rio Bowl™, also made with Zola açaí and fresh watermelon

with a flavor that is interestingly enhanced by natural peanut butter, banana and strawberry. It is

then covered with dried banana chips, granola, natural peanut butter, chocolate-covered

coconut, bee pollen and raw honey.

Açaí has traveled beyond the borders of Brazil and become a household name known for its

abundant antioxidants and other nutrients. Robeks prides itself on helping people eat healthier

and was one of the first smoothie purveyors to use the açaí berry in its products.

“The acai berry has only grown in popularity as people recognize the great taste and health

benefits. Combined with a refreshing and nutrient rich summer fruit like watermelon, we’ve

come up with some great recipes that we’re really excited to have people try” said Robeks

Director of Marketing Matt Furman.

At Robeks, menu items feature premium ingredients — naturally ripened fruits and vegetables

that retain nutrients, live enzymes and natural flavor. They are always made fresh-to- order while

the customer watches.

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