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The Poke Shack serves up healthy, delicious ahi, salmon, shrimp bowls with your choice of toppings- October 2016

The Poke Shack is Healthy and Hip…It’s soooo LA, and that’s OK.


Poke Shack serves up healthy, delicious ahi, salmon, shrimp bowls with your choice of toppings

Most of us living in the Los Angeles area are looking for that cool hip place to stop in real quick and grab something yummy, but guilt-free to appeal to our health-conscious lifestyles. Well, whether you’re in Venice or hanging out on Melrose…Poke Shack is just what the doctor (or trainer) ordered.

The parking can be a little bit of a challenge, but you can usually find a spot along the street. And let’s face it…if you’re frequenting in these trendy locales anyway…then you know the drill.  The set-up is simple and relaxed as you enter…with a cafeteria style assembly-line to guide you through the 4 main steps to building your poke bowl.

  • First, you select your Base: white or brown rice (also: seaweed salad or kale)
  • Then, Protein: Ahi Tuna or Salmon
  • Sauce it up: Sriracha Aioli, House Shoyu, Wasabi Shoyu, and Crunchy Garlic
  • Top it: Various extras such as sprouts, jalapeno, kimchi, and cherry tomatoes (to only name a few)


Once you have put together your own customized poke bowl, you will probably want to pare it with one of their organic juices they have available in several different flavors. For a special treat, try the Coconut Milk served straight from a fresh coconut!  Stop in, relax with friends over a low calorie meal and enjoy!


Phone Venice:  (310) 396-9780

Phone Melrose: (323) 266-9259

Location 1: 79 Windward Avenue, Venice

Location 2: 7257 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Location 3: 1425 Ocean Front Walk, Venice