Pepperdine Arts and Theater Shows for the 2018-2019 Season- Previews, Info

We recently attended the press lunch to kickoff the upcoming season at the Smothers Theater at beautiful Pepperdine University.  We were shown and told about the diverse performances and exhibitions they have scheduled for the 20182019 season, but the panel also discussed the amazing influence performing arts continues to have in our lives and in our communities. An extra special thanks to Ashli (Jazzy Ash and her March 2, 2019 performance) and Adriana Astorga-Gainey ( Found Director of Pacifico Dance Company) for participating in our panel discussion.  The full panel explained more about the upcoming season including taking questions.   The theater chooses a variety of arts, music, dance, circus and theater to select their performances and quite of the artists are local including quite a few singer/songwriters that fit well in this theater.

Some of the shows we plan to attend are in order 9/27, 10/16, 1/19 and 3/2.

A Full list of shows and tickets can be found on the link below.