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EIN and the Drive H2 Movement Pre-Oscar Gala Fundraiser at the Petersen Auto Museum- March 2023

EIN and the DriveH2 Movement Roll Out the Green Carpet for Pre-Oscar Gala Fundraiser at Petersen Automotive Museum

March 9th, 2023 – Los Angeles – Energy Independence Now (EIN) and a gathering of eco-conscious celebrities, athletes and thought leaders convened at the Petersen Automotive Museum the Thursday before Oscars Weekend to learn about and raise funds for research, policy advocacy and public outreach to promote the widespread adoption of diverse zero emissions solutions

The event featured musical performances by YDE and NBA legend Baron Davis (as his DJ alter ego Bart Oatmeal), featured experiential live auction items and shone the spotlight squarely on sustainable entertainment, cars, cocktails and a glimpse into a more environmentally-friendly future. Planet-friendly gift-bags (containing surprises such as ManukaGuard’s all-natural Medical Grade Manuka Honey Nasal Spray, and samples of sustainable Noble Oak Double Oak Whiskey) were provided to guests, who were also treated to sustainable foods and drinks.


Sponsored by Toyota and Noble Oak Double Oak Whiskey, the Green Pre-Oscar Gala event benefitted the DriveH2 zero emissions movement and was designed to bring an unforgettable night of entertainment, cars, celebrity chef procured cuisine, sustainable cocktails, a lively fundraising auction, and a glimpse into a more sustainable future.

Also receiving the spotlight on the evening was DriveH2, the public service initiative by environmental nonprofit EIN and its message of a hydrogen powered future. Working with EIN, Toyota (one of the event’s sponsors, and makers of the Mirai, a groundbreaking hydrogen fuel cell powered car), has already made vehicle donations to non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Petersen Automotive Museum (for education programs), Social Justice Learning Institute, ThinkWatts LA, Via Care and After-School All-Stars.

“It’s exciting to see high profile personalities and influencers from film, television, sports and music working to educate themselves about viable, planet-friendly innovations and solutions to the gas and emissions crises and step forward and use their platforms to share what they’ve learned with their audiences,” said Brian Goldstein, EIN’s Executive Director. “If we are to effectively meet emission reduction goals, governmental and private investments in H2 are critical and it was gratifying to see so many influencers here to explore the solutions with us tonight.”

Learn more at, or follow EIN’s story and updates across all social media platforms at @DriveH2

About EIN and the DriveH2 Campaign

DriveH2 is a public service initiative by Energy Independence Now (EIN), an environmental nonprofit committed to educating the world about the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The organization engages in comprehensive research, policy advocacy and public outreach to promote the widespread adoption of a diverse zero emissions portfolio.