Dining in other areas Outside of Los Angeles

1501 Uptown Gastropub in Palm Springs- November 2023

The dinner at 1501 Uptown Gastropub was fulfilling and excellent.  We had great service and the staff was welcoming and friendly.  The atmosphere was comfortable, dimly lit and warm.

There was a nice selection of dishes to choose from.  They serve brunch, lunch and dinner.  It a pub style restaurant with a middle section that contains a wrap around bar and good for sports fans as they have a TV set up.  It is perfect for a snack such as a charcuterie board or large pretzels that go with a cocktail. There is also an outside patio overlooking the beautiful mountains. The wood slat ceilings and large glass windows were modern and stylish. The restaurant is designed by the known Architect Chris Pardo.

We had a great selection of starters: onion rings, corn chowder and the seasonal winter salad. The corn chowder was flavorful and perfect for a winter evening.  It had a mix of corn, potatoes, sweet red peppers, coconut milk, smoked paprika.  The salad was fresh and delicious: with lettuce, pomegranates, pecans and beets.  Using fresh local ingredients, this was the perfect addition.  We topped it off with some onion rings which were perfect for a cozy night.

The main plates were comforting and filling.  We had the braised Kobe short ribs which came with gruyere scallop potatoes, baby carrots and Zinfandel Demi.  We also had the steak frites which was a classic tasty meal. The meat was grilled prime flat iron with tarragon butter and large house fries.  The beef stroganoff was a hit.  It was New York Strips on top of pasta, cremini mushrooms, cognac sauce and sour cream.

For dessert we had the Seasonal fresh fruit crumble: it was berries topped with Haagen Das vanilla ice cream.  We also enjoyed the Bourbon & sour cherry bread pudding. This was topped with creme anglaise and just the right amount of sweetness.


There are also vegan and vegetarian items to choose from. We recommend a cozy and comfortable, fulfilling dinner at 1501 Uptown Gastropub.

1501 Uptown Gastropub

1501 N. Palm Canyon Dr.

Palm Spring, Ca 92262



Written and photos by Lisa Rosas