YouTube dance fundraiser Feed the Stadium Tour kickoff December 1st, 2016

YouTube stars dance to raise money to feed impoverished children. The “Feed the Stadium” three city tour kicks-off at the YouTube Space Los Angeles with additional tour stops at the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks stadiums.
DATE: Thursday, December 1st, 2016
LOCATION: YouTube Space Los Angeles
12422 Bluff Creek Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90094
ALL–STAR TEAM: Judy & Benji Travis (ItsJudysLife), Wah Wu & Weylie Hoang (WahlieTV), Justin Moore & April Moore (AprilJustinTV), Nicola Foti & Kennen Navarro ( soundlyawake & RuleOfYum), Leesha Collinge ( xSparkage), Marissa castillo (Rissrose2), Jerry LaVigne Jr & Dee LaVigne ( The LaVigne Life) Dulce Candy ( DulceCandy87) Whitney White & Filipe Da Silva ( Naptural85 & DearNaptural85), Timothy DeLaGhetto (Timothy DeLaGhetto), Chad Rader & Gabrielle Flowers Rade (GabeBabeTV), Desi Perkins & Desi Perkins ( Desi Perkins & The Perkins), Lindy Tsang ( BubzBeauty), Bretman Rock ( Bretman Rock), Estee Lalonde (Estee Lalonde), Shannon Harris (shaaanxo), Say Tioco (saytiocoartillero), Promise Phan ( Dope2111), Latoya Ali & Adam Ali
( Latoyaforever & Latoyaslife), Mike Tompkins ( pbpproductions), Sam Schuerman & Jay Schuerman ( SamanthaSchuerman & TheSchuermanShow), Gloria Henry ( glowpinkstah), Nikki Phillipppi (Nikki Phillippi), Patrick Starrr (PatrickStarrr), Kyla Kaye, Andie Case (Andie Case ), Sam and Nia (Sam & Nia), Joe & Laura Vatali (LauraVitalesKitchen & The Vital es).
ABOUT DANCEMBER: Dancember is a month-long campaign which includes a special 24-hour LIVE broadcast on December 16th and 17th. Judy and Benji Travis along with their ALL-STAR YouTube Celebrity team, dance for donations to feed children. This year’s theme is “Feed the Stadium” where the goal is to raise $500,000 to be able to feed a stadium full of children or 50,000 kids through Convoy of Hope’s feedONE initiative.
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December 5, 2016 (TBD) December 7,2016 (5PM – 8PM)
Levi’s Stadium CenturyLink Field
4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way 800 Occidental Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054 Seattle, WA 98134