Awesome Balm from Hawaii is all natural for aching joints, muscles- 6/2020

We recently tried Awesome Balm and it is very helpful to relieve aching joints and sore muscles. I put some on my back and knees before working out and playing sports and really noticed a difference.  It comes in a small tube and looks like a giant sized chapstick that you easily roll on.   More info and the website below as we highly recommend this product.

(KAMUELA, HAWAII – May 15, 2020) — Maika’i Loa LLC, a Hawaiian-based and
sustainably focused company, will release its flagship product – AWESOME BALMTM – on
Friday, May 15. AWESOME BALMTM is an all-natural, handcrafted balm that melts away the
discomfort of sore muscles, aching joints, and everyday tension – helping your body to
perform at its best. Created by Jerry Iwankiw, a Big Island-based contractor and avid surfer,
AWESOME BALMTM contains a unique blend of essential oils derived from natural sources.
“After years of beating my body up by performing an intense construction job combined
with my active surf life, I was looking for a muscle relief product without chemicals and
additives, and one that didn’t contribute to the already terrible plastic waste problem,” says
Jerry Iwankiw, creator of AWESOME BALMTM. “I was focused on finding a combination of
essential oils and powerful ingredients that tackles joint and muscle soreness. I’m excited
to bring a product to market that actually works and does so naturally, all while being in
100% plastic-free packaging.”
AWESOME BALMTM’s first product release will be its Warming Muscle Melt ($28.00 retail),
developed in Hawaii with world-class ingredients including essential oils, seed extracts and
proteins found in the following ingredients:
● Kukui Nut Oil – aims at moisturizing, rejuvenating the skin and supporting skin cell
● Turmeric – assists with anti-inflammation;
● Arnica Essential Oils – assists with muscle-soothing;
● Beeswax – aims to support anti-allergenic support and soothe irritated skin;
● Coconut Oil – aims to hydrate skin, improve elasticity and collagen production and
includes antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, that helps to reduce the
damage from free radicals and the sun;
● Menthol, Camphor, Ginger, Cayenne – a natural heat-building blend that adds a
warming sensation, increases circulation, and eases tension;
Ingredient images:

When developing the AWESOME BALMTM, Iwankiw was inspired to create a company that
was different, while also being good for the planet. Iwankiw insisted on using 100% plastic
free packaging, and he designed AWESOME BALMTM’s product packaging to include a
recycled paper tube inside a recycled paper carton.
For more information about AWESOME BALMTM, please visit

via social channels @awesomebalm #awesomebalm.

Maika ‘i Loa LLC produces a series of natural products that melt away the discomfort of
sore muscles and aching joints. Owned by entrepreneur Jerry Iwankiw, its products are
available to purchase on and in select retailers. The company is
fully committed to using world-class ingredients from the very best sources. The product
line encourages healthy circulation and efficient healing with a heat-building blend of kukui
nut oil, turmeric, and arnica. Additionally, all of its naturally derived healing balms include
100% plastic free packaging. For more information, please visit AWESOME BALMTM, or by
visiting social channels @awesomebalm.