Nucleus Core Pro Exercise product offers a Great Workout- June 2020

The NUCLEUS Central Core Pro is the latest exercise equipment product that provides an incredible workout.  This piece of equipment is a patented combination of water and oil created by founder Diego Calvo.  It is a higher density workout with resistance helps your fast twitch muscles with explosive exercises.  There are about 7 videos but many more are coming in the near future.
This portable hand-held powerhouse uses the latest patented liquid technology and provides a full-body workout for any age and at any fitness level.  Weighing in at just five pounds, the NUCLEUS offers a high-intensity interval training system that can shred, tone, and sculpt in just 12 minutes a day.    The faster you move the device the heavier it becomes.
With the stay-at-home order in place and gyms closed for who knows how long, this is the perfect solution for the consumer or athlete looking to get or stay fit.  It’s easy to store as it takes little space and since made in Los Angeles, the NUCLEUS can be received by the customer in about 5 days.
Here is a link to the website and video: