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Fairmont Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley, Ca. getting back to normal-March 2021

Our stay at the Fairmont Claremont Club & Spa was a dream.
To begin the hotel’s entrance was set on a beautiful hillside and had amazing views!
The hotel lobby and ambience was inviting, stylish and classy.
The staff at the hotel was top rated and extremely friendly and helpful.
There was a bar and lounge behind the main lobby which was the perfect place to grab a drink, relax and connect.
When we got up to our room we were greeted with a beautiful arrangement of teas, fruits, cheeses, crackers, nuts and a breathtaking view.
The room was a spacious size and had all the amenities one would want at a get away.  My favorite was the large tiled bathroom and an inviting bathtub.  This was used daily and a complete delight.
The pool was the perfect place to exercise in a calm setting.  The temperature inside the pool was a perfect 80 degrees and with the sun shining it made for a perfect afternoon.  We took our robes down to the pool which made for a cozy and comfortable walk back up to the room.
There was also a gym that had all the exercise machines plus pilates machines.
The hotel offers so many creative adventures to do.
We went on a hike a short walking distance from the hotel.
It was purely magical with tall trees and sunlight pouring through them.
There were a few steep parts and it felt like we got a great work out in while enjoying the outdoors!  It is the perfect place to take your dog as well!
We also took a yoga class outdoors.  The teacher was excellent and very clear with directions and stances.  We dressed warm for a bit of a chilly morning but warmed up quickly with movement.
Another highlight was cookie making.  This was my first time at this creative venture.
The chef came over to explain the process.  It ended up being very fun and a time to bond together to create.  We had great talks with the staff, chef and ourselves while being creative.  The hotel changes out activities so there is always something fresh and new to discover.
One of the top highlights at the hotel is the food!
We had a scrumptious dinner with the best honey fried chicken I have ever tasted.
It melted in my mouth.  There were heat lamps outdoors to make the setting warm and magical.
We also had an excellent breakfast of nicely flavored omelette, potatoes and a healthy and delicious salad.
This was in the perfect location as Berkeley is such a sweet town full of culture, good food, bakery and stores.  Oakland was also super close and had an array of amazing restaurants to choose from.
We also made it to San Francisco for a day in 30 minutes which was a great day trip.
We were happy to come back to the hotel which had everything we were searching for and the perfect vacation full of comfort, joy, culture, good food and class.
A view is worth a thousand words:
By: Lisa Rosas
For further information visit:
Claremont Hotel and Club & Spa
41 Tunnel Rd.  Berkeley, Ca 94705
(510) 843-3000