Dr Roberto Tostado helps young men with health, sex, hormone issues- May 2019

Get Your Mojo Back in 3 Steps: Detox, Hormone Balancing & Metabolism Boosting


Dr. Roberto Tostado

WTF is wrong with men these days? Men are becoming more and more emasculated and it’s happening years before they hit middle age! It appears that 30 has become the new 60 as men are experiencing erectile dysfunction, depression, man boobs, plump stomachs, less energy, decreased muscularity, low libido, insomnia, less exercise endurance, lack of motivation which, come to think of it, sounds like I’m describing men who are way past their prime; except these patients are only in their 30s and 40s (even some under 30). This epidemic of cojones-less men has been the consequence of processed foods imposing their toxic will on our normal testosterone production.

A patient in his late 40s was depressed because he had lost his athleticism over the years and had put on 40 pounds since high school. We discussed the need to detox his body to increase his metabolism nutritionally and balance him hormonally (we personalize the program for each individual based on the patient’s concerns and our findings on lab testing). He was able to achieve a transformation of his mind and body dropping 35 pounds with renewed confidence and energy.  He now understood how to maintain his health and not accept deterioration as part of aging.

Endocrine destructive chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and chemicals are pervasive in our modern diet and environment, and our bodies are not able to metabolize them. Humans were not meant to eat poison (in case anyone was wondering). So, our bodies have adapted ways of sending alarms in the form of symptoms to alert us that something is wrong, very wrong: Metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and emasculation of men have been increasing for decades. Exposing ourselves daily to chemically created foods puts our physiology and health at risk. Our body can only do so much to compensate for this crap-food diet, medically speaking, which is the biggest stress we face daily that’s making us fat and sick.

Suppressed testosterone production reduces fat-burning capacity causing the man boobs and belly to start to appear.  Low-testosterone levels also put men at risk for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Cortisol, the stress hormone, increases around the abdomen from consuming these toxic foods so it’s no surprise that increased body fat centers around, well, our center. My patients often wonder why they can’t lose this extra fat around the middle despite exercise. In my book, “WTF is Wrong with our Health?,” I mention that exercise is overrated since we continue feeding ourselves the processed foods that created this fat in the first place. It’s a battle that cannot be won on the gym floor alone. Nutrition is key and balanced hormones restore normal metabolism.

I established the Elite Man Program to specifically address emasculation head on by eliminating the toxins that reduce testosterone, increase metabolism to burn fat and balance testosterone with bioidentical plant-based hormones. As a medical doctor practicing regenerative medicine, I want to introduce men to healing their bodies with real food and natural hormone therapy. Let’s help men regain masculinity in a wholesome manner. My goal with my Elite Man program is to simply help dudes be dudes, and I’ve developed a similar individualized protocol for women, as well.

Dr. Roberto Tostado, founder of The iBody Medical Wellness Center in San Marino (Los Angeles County), CA is board-certified in Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine and author of “WTF* is Wrong with Our Health (*What the Food) A Rebel Physician’s Manifesto for Reversing Disease and Increasing Smiles” (2019), available on Amazon. Dr. Tostado helps men and women of all ages to achieve something invaluable: Freedom from so-called, “chronic” illnesses, medications and toxic thoughts so they can start strutting through life feeling their best.

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