Dining in other areas Outside of Los Angeles

Catalina’s Best Restaurant: Steve’s Steakhouse

Steve’s Steakhouse is a charming high quality restaurant.  It is located upstairs in Catalina in a beautiful dining room and bar overlooking the water. Steve himself was in the restaurant and welcomed us in. The service was amazing. Our waiter was super knowledgeable and friendly. He explained the different cuts of steak to us: the ribeye is a little more fatty; the New York steak has fat on the outside and the filet mignon has no fat. They also have fresh fish so ask for the catch of the day.

We started with the baked artichoke with a lemon and dill sauce, and the coconut fried shrimp, which was crusted and had an excellent dipping sauce.  We had the Caesar salad, which was one of the best Caesar salads we have tried. The waiter knew exactly in which order to bring things out and the timing was impeccable.  It was a luxury dining experience overlooking the water which made for a wonderful evening.
We ordered the filet mignon that came with béarnaise sauce and choice of baked potato or rice pilaf. We went with the baked potato which was the perfect combination with our meats. We also had the pork chop, which was  flavored. The steaks are aged for 28 days to bring in a consistent high quality flavor.
The atmosphere was dim lit and we sat right in front of the window with a gorgeous view. We went as the sun went down so we got to see the the shimmering lights in the water from the boats and the moonlight. This was a perfect way to end our trip.  We strongly suggest Steve’s Steakhouse!
It is a popular place but they don’t take reservations.
Steve’s Steakhouse
417 Crescent Ave.
Avalon, Ca
310- 510-0333